Awards VII and VIII “Soldier Idoia Rodríguez, woman in the armed forces”

Defense Minister Margarita Robles chaired the “Soldier Idoia Rodríguez, Woman in the Armed Forces” awards ceremony today. of the VII and VIII editions, corresponding to 2020 and 2021, in a law by video conference due to the restrictions due to COVID-19 at the headquarters of the Ministry, which coincides with International Women’s Day.

The medical commander Dolores Muñoz in 2020 and the Army Brigade Esmeralda Ruiz in 2021 have received the award, which recognizes the work of people and institutions that take relevant or exemplary measures to empower women or support equal opportunities and sex forces carried out in the army.

The Defense Minister began with a few words of thanks to the parents of soldiers Idoia, Consuelo and Constantino, “who have always been with us and are part of the armed forces family”.

After we congratulated all members of the armed forces on their commitment and commitment in this “tough year”. With the pandemic and missions abroad, it stopped with the winners, their teams and the 15,700 women who are part of the army because they all represent “commitment, courage, bravery”.

We are no doubt capable of facing any problem, including men. But I think women still put a point, empathy, humanity and generosity. And I think that’s what moves the world and the armed forces, ”said Robles.

The Chief of Defense Staff (JEMAD), Admiral Teodoro López Calderón, influenced this idea by pointing out that the presence of women in the armed forces has long been seen as a real need. There are many activities in the surgical world that would not be possible without it.

Under-Secretary of State for Defense, Amparo Valcarce, has underlined the importance of a transversal policy of equal opportunities and gender for real and effective equality and is an important lever policy for social change.

?? Today the armed forces are a great team, they are the best example of how the value of service and the value of equality complement and reinforce each other ???

Throughout the event, the winners and those named by their objectives or units have spoken, starting with medical commander Dolores Muñoz, who witnessed Idoia’s death in the first person.

“It has a very special meaning for me because we were part of the same team when we suffered the attack that ended his life,” recalled Muñoz, accompanied by Idoia’s parents from the Airborne Light Brigade (BRILAT), whose companions he was has dedicated the award.

Muñoz was awarded the VII. Prize 2020 because it is a benchmark for men and women due to his careful preparation and commitment, the strengthening of the leadership of women in the armed forces and the visibility of their role inside and outside the institution. .

Subsequently, the 8th prize for 2021 was awarded to the Esmeralda Ruiz Brigade, which was the first female commander of the army to complete the special operations course and to exercise command in these units.

Ruiz, who was honored, among other things, for being a benchmark for military virtues? and represents an encouragement for current and future soldiers, thanked the award from Mali, where it is currently being used.

“Being a pioneer is not easy, but we succeed,” said Ruiz, for whom working and never giving up has never served him well in his tough, lonely moments of his military career. The brigade regretted not being able to share the moment with their triplet children.

The Secretary of State for Defense, Esperanza Casteleiro, was present at several awards, in which the awards mentioned in this year 2021 have also actively participated: the Air Force Commander Rocío González; 1st Marines Sergeant Olga Cástor; the pharmaceutical commander Mª José Rodríguez and the air force soldier Ester Sánchez, the last two members of the Rapid Identification Laboratory of the UME.

The award was launched in 2007 and commemorates Corporal Idoia Rodríguez, the first Spanish military woman to die that year on an international mission to Afghanistan, Herat, as a result of a mine exploding beneath the armored BMR in which she was traveling .

“She believed in the armed forces, she was a military man by calling. I can imagine that an award bearing her name would make her very excited,” said the Guadalupe Gómez Brigade, Idoia’s companion, during the event projected tribute video.

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