Awarded a used transport ship for the Army

The Ministry of Defense has awarded Flota Suardiaz SL (Suardiaz Group) the delivery of a logistics transport ship for 7.5 million euros to meet the urgent road transport needs of the army.

Let us remember that in October last year the Armaments and Materials Procurement Sub-Directorate annulled a similar contract that was signed in August and was looking for a used ship with enough life to be rebuilt and adapted to logistical needs Transports to be customized. the army. The only proposal submitted does not match the specifications included in the specifications such as the capacity to transport the Leopardo 2E main battle tanks, the 8×8 Centauro and the future Dragn, the 155mm howitzers. or have an antiquity not more than 22 years. The length will not exceed 150 meters, an interior space with a width of at least 18 meters and a draft of no more than 6 meters.

After the loss of the two transport ships that the navy used as auxiliary ships in the service of the army, such as the Spanish way (A-05) and the Martin Posadillo (A-04), in just under a year the army remained without its own funds for the logistical support for the international missions of Lebanon and Turkey as well as the Spanish territories in North Africa. By chance the ship Martin Posadillo (A-04) was also built by the Suardiaz Group, launched in Gijn in 1973 under the name RivaNervin and by Flota Suardiaz SL. Operated. Later it went over to Naviera Mallorquina in 1982. The name Cala Portals was taken over by the Spanish army in 1990.

The Ministry of Defense’s plans for the commissioning of the two newly built Trivalent Ecological Logistics Transport or TLET ships by Navantia envisaged the acquisition and subsequent modification of a used civilian ship with El Camino Espaol.

The award for Flota Suardiaz SL provides for the payment of two annuities for 6.7 million euros this year and 800,000 euros next year in 2021. Suardaz is a group of multimodal transport companies and global logistics service providers. You have been a shipowner and pioneer in Spain in the transport of vehicles and RoRo freight since 1945. The group is internationally present and has 30 branches in Spain, France, Morocco, Algeria, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. The group is also very well involved in several sea terminals in Spain and France.

Flota Suardaz SL specializes in maritime transport with Ro-Rol ships (via roll-on-roll-off, ie the load enters and leaves in trucks or as vehicles). The company has an important fleet of ships of this type, built by J. Barreras in the early 2000s to transport automobiles made at the Citron plant in Vigo, which currently operate 10 ro-ro ships in Europe and North Africa around 250,000 annually Vehicles for the most important European manufacturers, 25,000 trailers and 20,000 tons of cargo on the main routes. Flota Suardiaz SL owns 3 tankers chartered with CEPSA and REPSOL.

The ship’s object of the acquisition will be Galicia, built in 2003 with 16,361 gross tonnes, 149 meters long, 21 wide and 5.7 feet deep, built by J. Barreras in Vigo and classified by the Lloyds Register. The ship is being adapted by a shipyard, as was the case with El Camino Espaol, which was rebuilt after its acquisition in 1998 at Navantia in Cartagena (then Bazn) and spent a little over a year adapting the ship to the needs of the Ship to adapt. Army that can serve as a reference. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The Galicia de Suardaz, currently docked in Santander (Suardaz)

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