Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau: Legionnaires sergeant in the year of the centenary

The respected painter Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau joins the Legion Brigade to complete his training as a Legionnaire Sergeant (Voluntary Reservist). As previously announced, Ferrer-Dalmau, the great combat painter, author of a unique work within and outside the Spanish art scene, began his training as a Voluntary Reservist (RV) on October 19th at CEFOT 2 in Camposoto.

Once the general training (the fundamentals and rationale that every soldier must know) has been passed, it is the turn of the specific training (that of the target that the military is to occupy). Ferrer-Dalmau has asked to enroll in the Legion and therefore his specific training will be nothing more than Legionnaires’ training and will be given in Viator (Almera) where the La Legion Brigade is located. Before the painter left for the legionaries, we had the opportunity to speak to him:

Why did you join the Legion?

Well, in the first place, because General Antonio Esteban, a good friend of mine, proclaimed A m the Legion to mark its centenary, and with or without a reason we are in. Apart from jokes, in my battle pictures I paint battles, armies, ships, horses, uniforms, weapons and especially soldiers: Spanish, English, French, American and Russian, known or unknown heroes, friends and enemies, all of whom deserve respect and for me Admiration. But the reality is that I really want my pictures to convey values ​​and feelings beyond the pictures: self-denial, willingness to make sacrifices, discipline, camaraderie, heroism, daring and, above all, belief in victory. The Legion is one of the units that cares most about its traditions and values. Come on, in the end everything leveled out, the Legion is the ideal unit and the centenary is the right moment.

Why Sergeant?

And why not? My maternal grandfather was a knight sergeant and also that Sergeant Ferrer-Dalmau sounds good. Seriously, I believe the sergeant is the backbone of the armies, an essential link between the officers and the troops. When the fight comes, they will be on the front lines and suffer the same penalties as their soldiers, but at the same time they must carry out an order that should not be easy at all under enemy fire.

And finally, what does a painter paint in La Legion?

Well I don’t know what I’m painting, but I know what I’m going to paint. Basically and before the end of the year, I intend to create a work dedicated to the centenary. I don’t want to discover a lot of details, but I pretend it’s the best I’ve done so far. I can also argue that it is one of the Legion’s first combat actions and that, as on other occasions, I can count on the collaboration of my friend Arturo Prez-Reverte to contribute with his outstanding imagination. I would like to point out, however, that my connection with The Legion extends well beyond a specific project. It’s a long-term adventure. I want to be part of the Legion, as they will say in Seville, with my art and above all with my desire to capture glorious episodes of our military history in pictures.

The Legion is a unique fighting force, but in my case one is no longer old enough to attack hills, although if necessary they can attack as best they can and may God distribute luck. However, I don’t think the blood will reach the river, so my work in La Legin, for reasons of very, very great force, will be linked to the museum and the historical-artistic collections. Right now my guns are brushes and my ammo are pigments. In short, I come to do what I do best, which is nothing but painting, and when I am activated as a legionnaire sergeant, I paint legionnaire episodes.

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