Auction of 13 helicopters and 6 military aircraft of the dissolved General President-Noticias in Mexico

The Mexican government reactivated the auction of a number of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft belonging to the armed forces and part of the defunct General Staff of the President (EMP), an entity created in the 1950s with members of the Army, Navy and The Air Force looks after the current president and his family and organizes all activities of the president inside and outside the country.

The auction is organized by the institute to give back to the stolen people (INDEP) something that was launched at the beginning of the government by President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador. He announced from his presidential campaign that he would get rid of the EMP and sell its assets to receive resources that he would use to help the poor.

The lot to be auctioned consists of 19 devices (13 helicopters and 6 aircraft) that belonged to the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR), the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) and the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico- City and were assigned to the EMP at various stages during the presidents’ administrations Vicente Fox, Felipe Caldern and Enrique Pea Nieto.

The auction will take place in a sealed envelope, has an initial starting price of 500 million pesos (around 20 million euros) and will take place on March 12th. It was scheduled to take place on February 12, but the contingency due to the pandemic and the red light Mexico City was in forced it to postpone.

The aircraft to be auctioned are:

4 helicopters, brand Agusta Westland (now Leonardo) AW109SP

4 Airbus helicopters EC225 LP helicopters

3 Ecureuil AS 355 N helicopters (Airbus helicopters)

2 aerospatial helicopters (Airbus Helicopters)

2 Boeing / 757-225 and 737-322 aircraft

2 Lear Jet 31-A aircraft

2 twin-engine airplanes

The following aircraft stand out in the auction:

Boeing 737-322 series 24361, manufactured in 1989, capacity of 7 crew members and 70 passengers, starting price 32 million 926 thousand pesos (approx. 1.4 million euros)

Airbus Helicopters EC225 LP 2712 series helicopter, built in 2008, with an initial price of 67 million 439 thousand pesos (2.8 million euros).

Airbus Helicopters EC225 LP helicopter, built in 1986, starting price of 52 million 434 thousand pesos (2.1 million euros).

Avin Lear Jet 31-A, manufactured in 2000, starting price of 11 million 760 thousand pesos (485,780 euros).

This new call to auction the 19 planes of the late President’s General Staff comes after the failure of the presidential Boeing 737 Dreamliner aircraft that Lpez Obrador attempted to place among foreign buyers in order to recoup some of the 2 billion pesos (roughly from 82.5 million euros) ), in which the aircraft was rated in 2019.

Those wishing to take part in the auction will have March 11th to access the entry bases for free. The verdict will be delivered on March 12 at the facilities of Benito Jurez International Airport in Mexico City (AICM). This law grants access to the first 30 registered participants and does not allow access to companions. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photo: Airbus Helicopters EC225 LP helicopter.

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