Atos participates in the European project “Ensuresec” for the protection of electronic business traffic against cyber attacks and

Atos participates in the European project ?? Ensuresec ?? The aim is to protect the e-commerce ecosystem of the European digital single market from growing cyber risks. The project deals with digital threats that can arise from the presentation of products and services on electronic platforms, digital payment processes, problems with the delivery process, internal fraud, etc.

According to Kantar, e-commerce in Spain has increased by 26% in one year, and according to the IAB, 23% of Spanish consumers use online mode only for their purchases. However, this growth also means an increase in cyber attacks that can affect companies of all sizes and industries, retail, banking and insurance, as well as consumers who are victims of fraud and identity theft, among other things.

The “Ensuresec” project was created in this context. Holistic and effective protection of e-commerce from physical and cyber threats, with a focus not only on developing technical solutions, but also on raising awareness of the possible effects of these attacks on society. The project will provide a platform that focuses on the prevention, assessment and certification of e-commerce operations that can be used to identify new attacks or vulnerabilities.

Atos, through its research and development department, will be responsible for:

– Development of a tool with which the impact of cyber, cyber-physical and physical risks that can affect any e-commerce infrastructure can be assessed qualitatively and quantitatively in real time.

– Carry out a comprehensive analysis of the market to define business models that will ensure the sustainability of the platform and its various tools.

Rodrigo Diaz, Head of Cybersecurity at Atos Research and Development in Iberia, said: “Atos’ stake in ?? Ensuresec ?? shows our experience in digital security and our commitment to developing innovative technologies that improve the security of European citizens and organizations in the face of the increasingly complex threats posed by cybercrime and cyber terrorism, while helping to ensure respect for fundamental rights such as privacy?

22 organizations from 14 European countries are involved in the three-year project, including CaixaBank, the Inov Institute and the University of Greenwich. It is supported by a global multidisciplinary advisory board of 14 members (including renowned e-commerce companies such as Mastercard and the European Small Business Alliance, ESBA) to provide an effective solution that effectively protects the various organizations of the EU e-commerce of the European Ecosystem.

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