Astilleros GONDAN selects IFS to optimize its operational processes

Astilleros GONDAN has selected a comprehensive solution of IFS business applications to increase operational efficiency and increase competitiveness. The agreement thus includes the provision, installation and services of the IFS solution.

GONDAN was founded in 1925 and has almost 100 years of experience in the planning, development and construction of more than 300 ships with very different technical characteristics and for a large number of countries. The company offers its customers a full range of products including From Conception for sea trials of its models, unique and bespoke developments that adapt to both the needs of the shipowner and the planning agility required for the changing needs of each customer. Astilleros GONDAN, headquartered in Asturias, has three production sites and more than 450 employees.

The selection of IFS reflects the company’s need to continue its commitment to technology and innovation in business at a time when it becomes more important than ever in such a competitive sector.

The new system enables the company to transform its business by improving business processes, support, strategic inventory and other functions to reduce delivery times and provide better forecasting and easy integration of data and processes. In this way, the goal of his strategy is to increase productivity, improve decision-making, get a real-time 360-degree view of what’s going on in all projects, and continue to provide the customer with the best and most competitive service.

As the Head of Planning, Innovation and ERP at Astilleros GONDAN, Guillermo Vizoso, emphasized: The implementation of this new ERP is another step for the company towards digitization, centralization of data and control of management indicators by gathering the information it needs. with reliable and unambiguous data for optimal resource planning. In this way, we have laid the foundation for Werft 4.0, in which the retrieval of real-time data from all areas and the use of mathematical prediction models lead to greater optimization of production costs and a reduction in delivery times.

The agreement was the result of an extensive selection process among global reference suppliers, and Astilleros GONDAN selected IFS for the full coverage of its solution, which is based on unique data and information integrity, extensive knowledge and global references also in the shipyard sector as its ability to provide operational Improve business efficiency. Another critical factor was the scalability and flexibility in system configuration, and the potential to offer a new user experience that gets even more value from your software investment. Likewise, in order to cope with the increasing complexity of the projects carried out by Astilleros GONDAN, with a particular focus on redesigning processes and maintaining an integrated control of the information management of all departments of the company.

For his part, Juan Gonzlez, Country Manager of IFS in Spain and Portugal, points out: We at IFS are very proud to be able to carry out a project like this for Astilleros GONDAN, a leader in the shipbuilding sector, which confirms this commitment to improve its operational Processes to gain competitive value. The quality and experience of this brand will from now on be consolidated with the most modern technologies that will allow us to safely achieve their commercial goals and strengthen the relationship with their customers thanks to improved efficiency. reducing working hours and even their costs, he concludes.

This new IFS solution, which was implemented and put into operation by Getronics, the preferred partner of IFS, for integration into the other GONDAN processes, will be processes in the areas of trade, finance, human resources, inventory, sales, maintenance, projects , Cover manufacturing and reporting.

Photo: The SOV Edda Mistral, the second SOV (Service Operation Vessel) built in Spain.

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