Artillery Group 7 of the Argentine Army receives Volkswagen Constellation 32,360 V-Tronic Truck-News

Argentine Army’s Artillery Group 7 received an initial batch of eight Volkswagen Constellation 32,360 V-Tronic trucks that will replace the veteran Fiat 697N in towing the unit’s 155mm artillery pieces. This new variant is equipped with the well-known 360 HP Cummins ISF engine and the 16-speed automatic transmission V-Tronic with a 6×4 drive system with hub reduction. It is intended for off-road use in construction, mining or forestry and heavy duty applications.

This new version, which is only called 32,360 V-Tronic 64, has as its main features the practicality of the automated transmission together with special adaptations for off-road use: It has a larger distance on the front axle (329 mm), which contributes to the broadening of the angle of attack in connection with a shorter bumper, which has metal plates at the bottom to protect the mechanical components. The greatest distance also occurs in the ventral area of ​​the vehicle, which in this version, together with the position of the rear brakes, reaches up to 321 mm. The hub reduction system with a circulating train is located on the back.

Inside Doors includes the changes introduced in the latest Constellation update, such as: B. new linings and plastics in darker tones as well as the new emblem that characterizes the model.

Selected equipment:

Air conditioning, heating, electric windows, central locking, two-part rearview mirrors (main + wide angle) with electric control, multifunctional on-board computer, cruise control, steering column with height and depth adjustment, driver’s seat with air suspension and multiple settings (longitudinal, height and backrest inclination) and additional Button to activate the power take-off. It also includes Hill Start Assist (Easystart) and Automatic Traction Control (ATC). The box also has a maneuver mode to circulate at a very low speed.


Like the version 62 for scalability, the Constellation 25,360 V-Tronic 64 is powered by the 6.9-cylinder in-line Cummins ISL engine with an 8.9-liter in-line engine and electronic common rail injection, SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction with urea injection ) and the motor driven C brakemotor braking system that allows you to choose the operating mode at 50 or 100% of its capacity. It develops 360 hp and a torque of 1,625 Nm between 1,200 and 1,400 rpm.

The engine is linked to the V-Tronic automated transmission with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears, which gives the driver greater comfort and safety while ensuring greater efficiency and durability when the gear change is carried out at the optimal speed.

Among the peculiarities of this 64 version, we can mention the larger rear clearance, which is due to the fact that the reduction, which is generally carried out inside the rear axle lamp, is done in 2 stages on the 32.360. The first is carried out in the pin and crown housed in the center of each rear axle, and the second reduction stage is completed with a mechanism called a revolving train that is contained in the wheel hubs. This reduction package is known as a hub reduction. This variant is therefore characterized by a maximum traction capacity of 70,000 kg.

Other tools that are valued for off-road use are differential locks. With the 32.360, the driver can ensure the traction of the vehicle in conditions that compromise grip and lock all differential elements using the buttons located on the dashboard (lock for transverse differentials and lock for center differential). In addition, it has ABS with off-road functionality and traction control, which are optimized for use on uneven terrain. (Luis Pieiro)

Photos: Volkswagen Constellation 32,360 V-Tronic trucks of the Argentine Army (photos of the Argentine Army)

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