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At the end of the Chilean Army’s annual qualification process, which included investigating the history through the appropriate steps and submitting the information to the Defense Minister, it is reported that ER is the President of the Republic who is exercising his powers. Constitutional Laws, resolved to authorize the following promotions and retirements of the officers who make up the Army High Command:

Promotion to Division General:

– GDB. Osvaldo Vallejos Martnez.

– GDB. Cristbal De la Cerda Rodrguez.

– GDB. Carlos Castillo Villarroel.

– GDB. Rodrigo Pino Riquelme.

– GDB. Luis Weber Orellana.

Promotion to Brigadier General:

– CRL. Marcelo Nez Morales.

– CRL. Sergio Estvez Valencia.

– CRL. Patricio Amengual Escobar.

– CRL. Luis Prez Astorga.

– CRL. Carlo Garbarini Ibez.

– CRL. Leonel Curti Santibez.

– CRL. Enrique Jaque Vila.

– CRL. Ricardo Stangher Quivira.

– CRL. Sergio Gutirrez Seplveda.

– CRL. Jean Irribarra Flores.

– CRL. Rodrigo Marchessi Acua.

– CRL. Alejandro Ciuffardi Kluck.

– CRL. Mario Grez Casanueva.

– CRL. Guillermo Altamirano Campos.

– CRL. Rafael Mesa Feres.

– CRL. Eduardo Rosso Barrientos.

According to the deliberations in this process and taking into account various considerations including voluntary resignation, the end of the military career, the evaluation of management and institutional needs, the following officers general will leave the institution and thank them for their calling and full commitment in more than three decades of service for Chile and Chileans:

– GDD. Schafik Nazal Lzaro.

– GDD. Rodrigo Urrutia Oyarzn.

– GDD. Esteban Guarda Barros.

– GDD. Carlos Ricotti Velsquez.

– GDD. Jos Riquelme Muoz.

– GDB. Patricio Mericq Guil.

– GDB. Luis Seplveda Daz.

– GDB. Jorge Jacque Falcn.

– GDB. Rodrigo Valdivia Concha.

– GDB. Eduardo Estrada Romero.

– GDB. Joaqun Morales Burotto.

– GDB. Enrique Heyermann Ros.

– GDB. Patrice Van de Maele Silva.

– GDB. Patrick Veas stick.

– GDB. Rodrigo Sandoval Caldern.

Consequently, the structure of the institutional high command for 2021 will be as follows:

Commander in Chief of the Army Commander in Chief of the Army:

Army General Ricardo Martnez Menanteau.

Secretary General of the Army:

Brigadier General Sergio Gutirrez Seplveda.

Army controller:

Division General Hernn Araya Santis.

Auditor General of the Army:

Brigadier General Eduardo Rosso Barrientos.

General Staff of the Army Chief of the General Staff of the Army:

Division General Ernesto Tejos Mndez.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army:

Divisional General Rodrigo Pino Riquelme.

Army Information Planning Director:

Brigadier General Mario Grez Casanueva.

Army Operations Director:

Brigadier General Rubn Segura Flores.

Army Finance Director:

Brigadier General Sergio Nazar Martnez.

Army Projects and Research Director:

Brigadier General Pablo Onetto Jara.

Director of the Center for Military Studies and Research:

Brigadier General Marcelo Nez Morales.

Director of Command and Control of the Army:

Brigadier General Enrique Jaque Vila.

Land Operations Command Land Operations Commander:

Division General Luis Weber Orellana.

Commander in Chief of the 1st Army Division:

Brigadier General Carlo Garbarini Ibez.

Commander in Chief of the II Motorized Division:

Brigadier General Cristian Guedelhoefer Erbetta.

Commander in Chief of the III. Mountain Division:

Brigadier General Guillermo Snchez Cros.

Commander-in-Chief of the IV Army Division:

Brigadier General Luis Prez Astorga.

Commander in Chief of the V Army Division:

Brigadier General Sergio Estvez Valencia.

Commander in Chief of the VI. Army Division:

Brigadier General Christian Bolvar Romero.

Commander of the 1st Armored Brigade of Cuirassiers:

Brigadier General Guillermo Altamirano Campos.

Commander of the 2nd Panzer Brigade Hunter:

Brigadier General Ricardo Stangher Quivira.

Special operations command

Special Operations Commander:

General of the Carlos Castillo Villarroel division.

Commander of the Lautaro Special Operations Brigade:

Brigadier General Rodrigo Marchessi Acua.

Army Aviation Brigade Commander:

Brigadier General Patricio Amengual Escobar.

Commander of the Intelligence Brigade:

Brigadier General Jos Marzal Snchez.

Education and Doctrine Command Training and Doctrine Commander:

General of the Division Osvaldo Vallejos Martnez.

Education Department Commander:

Brigadier General Hugo Lo Presti Rojas

General Staff Command General Staff Commander:

Division General Guillermo Paiva Hernndez.

Commander of the personnel command:

Brigadier General Cristin Vial Maceratta.

Welfare Commander:

Brigadier General Luis Cuellar Loyola.

Health Commander:

Brigadier General Miguel Orriol’s Winter.

Director of the Santiago Military Hospital:

Brigadier General Alejandro Ciuffardi Kluck.

Force support command

Force Support Commander:

Divisional General Rodrigo Ventura Sancho.

Commander of the logistics department:

Brigadier General Leonel Curti Santibez.

Maintenance Department Commander:

Brigadier General Jorge Kunstmann Casas.

Commander of the engineering department:

Brigadier General Jean Irribarra Flores.

Commander of the procurement department:

Brigadier General Germn Arias Athanaciu.

High distributions

General Commander of the Garrison Army Metropolitan Area and Commander of Military Industry and Technology:

Division General Cristbal De la Cerda Rodrguez.

Non-institutional national bodies: Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Division General Javier Iturriaga Del Campo.

Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Brigadier General Pedro Pascual Robin.

Director General for National Mobilization:

Brigadier General Luis Rojas Edwards.

Director of the factories and teacher of the army:

Brigadier General Rafael Mesa Feres.

International institutional organizations:

Head of the Chilean military mission in the USA:

Brigadier General Pedro Varela Sabando.

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