Army air defense units train under the protection of maneuvering units

The Mistral II / 71 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group (GAAA) was the unit of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command responsible for planning, coordinating, and conducting the Mistral Shield I / 21 exercise, which was conducted March 6-12. at the National Training Center San Gregorio (Saragossa). It was proposed with the main aim of promoting the training of air defense units in missions for escorting and protecting maneuvering units of the armed forces.

An air defense unit (UDAA) with the participation of various units of the army was set up to carry out this exercise. The following elements were therefore taken from the maneuver support command: the anti-aircraft artillery command transfer unit and a joint terminal attack control team of the 11th field artillery regiment of the field artillery command; from the Castillejos division: the brigades of the Legion Aragn I, King Alfonso XIII II, Galicia VII, Guzmn el Bueno X and Guadarrama XII; from the San Marcial Division: the Air Force of the Army (FAMET) and the Almogvares VI Brigade of Paratroopers; from the Canary Command: the 16th Canary Brigade and the General Command of Ceuta; and the Air Force’s Air Takeoff Support Squadron.

The activity program was divided into two phases. In the first, it collaborated with the Humble Flare exercise organized for FAMET, during which Mistral units were trained in anti-aircraft combat against helicopters in an electronic warfare environment by day and night. In the second phase, a collaboration exercise was carried out with the Numancia Light Armored Knight Group of the 11th Spanish Cavalry Regiment. During the exercise, the UDAA’s internal integration procedures were put into practice to achieve FAMET collaboration with an NH-90 helicopter and a Cougar, as well as two Air Force F-18 aircraft.

In the same way, training exercises on configuration of command posts and defense practices for maneuvering and zone units against threats from unmanned aerial systems were carried out.

The exercise was challenging in terms of planning and coordination due to the number of units involved and the large number of activities planned.

Photo: Post “Mistral” and a helicopter in the exercise

Text and photo of the Spanish army.

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