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The general manager of the Argentine company INVAP, Vicente Campenni, and the general manager of Jampur International FZE, Mohammad Shafiq from the United Arab Emirates, signed a contract for the provision of two primary three-dimensional mobile radar units for civil use RPA-200MC destined for Nigeria, for which purpose also includes the training of the staff. It is a further development of the RPA-170 and the civilian version of the RPA-200M that was recently acquired by the Argentine Air Force. The Middle Eastern company will provide the airport equipment needed by the Nigerian Ministry of Aviation to improve the safety of civilians in the country.

This mobile version sensor model is the newest member of the RPA radar family developed by the South American technology company. It has a modular structure and has transmitters distributed in the antenna, which enable 24-hour operation, 365 days a year. It can be operated remotely and can be integrated into air traffic management as well as into multi-sensor command and control systems, whereby the personnel required for operation can be carried out using SDR technology (Software Defined Radar), GaN solid-state amplifiers and an active antenna with DBF (Digital Beam ) is minimized education). It requires minimal preventive maintenance and low logistics and operating costs throughout its life cycle.

INVAP sees this sale as an important step towards becoming a benchmark in the multi-workstation critical mission systems market. This manufacturer recently carried out the first Argentine space export for the Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1, which, according to INVAP, implies that it has mastered the latest technologies and is committed to product development and the future. Investigaciones Aplicadas is a public limited company founded in 1976 with headquarters in San Carlos de Bariloche, part of the province of Ro Negro, which has been active in the fields of satellites and radar since the late 1990s. It employs around 1,300 people.

Photo: The RPA-200 is derived from the RPA-170 radar.

INVAP radar and control station.

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