Argentina withdraws Antarctic trash

The take-back of classified Antarctic waste was carried out for subsequent treatment in the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antrtida and the South Atlantic Islands. The provisions of the Antarctic Treaty stipulate that all members who have prominent bases on the white continent must extract from it all waste and goods that arise during their respective campaigns.

Obviously, the waste generated by the Antarctic foundations is a good tonnage per exercise and has to be extracted from the area and taken to the mainland for later final disposal, which is a high cost. It is clear that countries with moderate power like Argentina are complying with these regulations, which otherwise result in severe penalties, as has already been done. On more than one occasion, other strategically powerful nations have violated these regulations and irresponsibly disposed of this waste by dumping it on an abandoned island.

Those who have participated in Antarctica campaigns are aware of these errors that usually appear from time to time. The territory is immense and deserted, and observation is not for everyone.

Photographs: ARA

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