Arandú 2020 will train more than a thousand members of the Brazilian and Argentine armed forces together

More than a thousand soldiers from the Brazilian and Argentine armed forces took part in the combined exercise “Arand 2020” in the Federative Republic of Brazil at the “Barao de Sao Borja” training field in Rosrio do Sul.

The elements of the Argentine ground force were responsible for this combined exercise by the commander of the Rapid Deployment Force, Brigadier General Toms Moyano, who is composed of factions from the Directorate-General for Organization and Doctrine. of the 601st Air Assault Regiment, the Special Operations Forces Group, the II Tank Brigade, the IV Airborne Brigade and the Army Aviation Command.

As part of a conventional operation, combined operations such as planning, night infiltration, shooting with hand-held weapons, shooting with tanks, air and air strike, attack and capture of a target and connection were carried out. These maneuvers aim to help maintain and strengthen mutual operational capabilities and interoperability, promote the exchange of techniques and procedures, and deepen camaraderie between soldiers from both countries.

In this way, the strategic rapprochement and the existing military cooperation between the two armies are promoted in accordance with the criteria and priorities set out in the defense policy and national foreign policy. The Brazilian military showed its Argentine colleagues on site the 6×6 armored vehicles, taking into account the EA’s interest in supplying itself with elements of this type. (Luis Pieiro)

Photographs of the do Sul military command of the Brazilian Army

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