Arab Emirates and Israel will develop a system against drones

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel has taken little time to come about in cooperation agreements at the military level. After landing more than fifty Israeli companies at the recent IDEX defense fair, we analyzed the possible purchase of Rafael’s Iron Dome air defense system and now announced the development of a system against UAVs between companies from both countries.

Defense industry group EDGE and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle solution tailored to the needs of the United Arab Emirates and marketable in the Middle East and North Africa.

EDGE, the company we recently discussed for its participation with the SkyKnight missile on Rheinmetall Air Defense’s new Skyranger 30 air defense tower, will join the program through one of its 25 solutions-focused subsidiaries such as SIGN4L. Also included is the participation of the Belgian company Belgiam Advanced Technology Systems (BATS) under its agreements with IAI.

IAI brings its knowledge of systems against UAVs to detect, identify, classify and intercept, while SIGN4L brings in its solutions for electronic warfare, reconnaissance, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (ISTAR in English). The resulting product can be customized to customer requirements and combines detection elements such as radar, sensors and high frequency detectors with solutions such as soft kill (electromagnetic interference or interference and cybernetic solutions) and hard kill (cannons, missiles, lasers and electromagnetic solutions) weapons). (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Halcon’s SkyKnight rocket, EDGE Group (EDGE)

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