Approved the composition of the naval command of the Chilean Navy for 2021-Noticias

The Chilean Navy informs the public that His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr Sebastin Piera Echenique, has approved the composition of the Naval High Command for 2021 proposed by the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Julio Leiva Molina.

For the above, the following is provided:

* Actions:

To the Vice Admiral:

1) Rear Admiral Mr. Yerko Marcic Conley.

2) Rear Admiral Mr. Alberto Soto Valenzuela.

Rear Admiral:

1) Captain of Navo IM Mr. Flavio Montagna Caneda.

2) Commodore Mr. Jorge Parga Balaresque.

3) Commodore Mr. Juan Pablo Ziga Alvayay.

4) Captain of Navo, Mr. Gonzalo Pearanda Moren.

5) Captain of Navo, Mr. Leonardo Chvez Alvear.

Commodore Investiture:

1) Captain of Navo, Mr. Fernando Le Dantec Hudson.

2) Captain of Navo, Mr. Pablo Cifuentes Hyslop.

3) Captain of Navo, Mr. Ren Rojas Cabrejos.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, on behalf of all the members of the institution, congratulates the soon-to-be-promoted officers-general and senior officers who, thanks to their excellent careers, are making such a large investment.

* Withdrawals:

Likewise, the following general officers have been approved for retirement under the terms of the annual institutional retirement process:

1) Vice Admiral Rodrigo lvarez Aguirre.

2) Vice Admiral Guillermo Lttges Mathieu.

3) Rear Admiral Mr. Luis Kohler Gary.

4) Rear Admiral Mr. Carlos Fiedler Pinto.

5) Rear Admiral Mr. Andrs Rodrigo Ramrez.

6) Rear Admiral IM Mr. Pedro Brego Martnez.

High Command 2021

According to the promotions and retirements listed above, the naval command for 2021 consists of:

Commander in Chief of the Navy

Admiral Julio Leiva Molina.

General Manager of the Maritime Area and National Merchant Marine

Vice Admiral Ignacio Mardones Costa.

General Director of Marine Personnel

Vice Admiral Ricardo Marcos Vivanco.

Director General of Navy Services

Vice Admiral Marcelo Gmez Garca.

Chief of the General Staff of the Navy

Vice Admiral Juan Andrs de la Maza Larran.

Commander of the Northern Joint Command

Vice Admiral Lord Yerko Marcic Conley.

Naval Operations Commander

Vice Admiral Alberto Soto Valenzuela.

Auditor General of the Navy

Rear Admiral JT Mr. Cristin Araya Escobar.

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Rear Admiral Jos Luis Fernndez Morales.

Director of Ship Systems Technology

Rear Admiral Leonardo Quijarro Santibez.

Naval Aviation Commander

Rear Admiral Carlos Huber Vio.

Commander in Chief of the First Sea Zone

Rear Admiral Mr. Ramiro Navajas Santini.

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Rear Admiral Ronald Baasch Barberis.

Commander in chief of the squad

Rear Admiral Mr. Pablo Niemann Figari.

Director of the Navy Secret Service

Rear Admiral Mr. Fernando Cabrera Salazar.

Director of Social Welfare for the Navy

Rear Admiral Jaime Sotomayor Bustamante.

Marine Supply Director

Rear Admiral AB Mr. Jorge Molina Valencia.

Director of Security and Maritime Operations

Rear Admiral LT Mr. Eric Solar Olavarra.

Director of Marine Interests and Aquatic Environment

Rear Admiral LT Mr. Jorge Imhoff Leyton.

Navy Health Director

Rear Admiral SN Mr. Boris Snchez Manrquez.

Commander in Chief of the Fifth Sea Zone

Rear Admiral Alberto Ahrens Angulo.

Navy Director of Education

Rear Admiral Juan Alberto Lerdn Parra.

Director of the recovery of naval units

Rear Admiral Mr. Patricio Espinoza Sapunar.

Secretary General of the Navy

Rear Admiral Mr. Ral Zamorano Goi.

Navy Chief Financial Officer

Rear Admiral AB. Mr. Klaus Hartung Sabugo.

Commanding General of the Marine Corps

Rear Admiral IM Mr. Flavio Montagna Caneda.

Commander in Chief of the Second Sea Zone

Rear Admiral Mr. Jorge Parga Balaresque.

Commander in Chief of the Submarine Forces

Rear Admiral Juan Pablo Ziga Alvayay.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy

Rear Admiral Gonzalo Pearanda Moren.

Commander in Chief of the Third Sea Zone

Rear Admiral Leonardo Chvez Alvear.

Director of the Navy’s Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service

Rear Admiral Mr. Patricio Carrasco Hellwig.

Director of Programs, Research and Development for the Navy

Commodore Mr. Fernando Le Dantec Hudson.

Controller of the Navy

Comodoro Mr. Pablo Cifuentes Hyslop.

Commander in Chief of the Fourth Sea Zone

Commodore Mr. Ren Rojas Cabrejos.

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