Appointment to the High Command of the Chilean Air Force in 2021

The Chilean Air Force announced that SE, President of the Republic, Sebastin Piera Echenique, has approved promotions and retirements to form the institutional high command for 2021.

-The following General Officers will be retired:
Aviation General Vctor Villalobos Collao
Aviation General Albert Widmer Thomas
Aviation General Cristin Pizarro Stiepovich
Brigadier General Area (A) Jos Aguirre Gamboa
Brigadier General Area (A) Francisco Torres Villa
Brigadier General Area (A) Eduardo Mosqueira Cruz
Area Brigadier General (DA) Ronald Lttecke Jrgens

-The following General Officers will be promoted to General of Aviation:
Brigadier General Area (A) Leonardo Romanini Gutirrez
Brigadier General Area (A) Jean Desgroux Ycaza

-The following superiors will be promoted to General of the Air Brigadiers in the specified ranks:
Aviation Colonel (DA) Gonzalo Opazo Drouillas
Aviation Colonel (A) Vctor Cerda Ramrez
Aviation Colonel (A) Carlos Madina Daz
Aviation Colonel (A) Miguel Stange Muoz
Commodore (A) Pedro Nadeau Pavez
Aviation Colonel (A) Javier Dubl Searle
Aviation Colonel (A) Francisco Pizarro Aste

In this way, the Chilean Air Force High Command for 2021 will consist of the following generals:
Commander in chief
Air General Arturo Merino Nez

Chief of the General Staff
General of Aviation Roberto Avendao Veloso

Commander of the logistics command
Aviation General Rafael Carrre Poblete

Commander of the personnel command
Aviation General Hugo Rodrguez Gonzlez

Commander of the Combat Command
Aviation General Leonardo Romanini Gutirrez

Deputy Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff
Aviation General Jean Desgroux Ycaza

Commander in Chief of the IIIa Brigade Area
Brigadier General Area (A) Cristin Egua Calvo

Brigadier General Area (J) Francisco Costa Lobos

General Manager of Aeronutica Civil
Brigadier General Area (A) Ral Jorquera Conrads

Head of Education
Brigadier General Area (A) Jos Nogueira Len

Head of Weapon Systems Engineering and Support Department
Brigadier General Area (I) Joaqun Urza Rentera

Finance Director
Area Brigadier General (AD) Carlos Ketterer Droghetti

Director of Planning and Teaching
Brigadier Generalgebiet (A) Lex Voigt Grnwald

Director of Human Resources and Logistics
Brigadier General Area (TI) Hugo Salinas Valderrama

Head of the health department
Brigadier General Area (s) Xabier De Aretxabala Urquiza

Director General of the Institutional Hospital
Brigadier General Area (AD) Mauricio Garca Barra

Inspector general
Area Brigadier General (AD) Helmut Hecht Caro

Operations manager
Brigadier General Area (A) Mximo Venegas Raggio

Director of the Secret Service and Commander of the Garrison General Area of ​​Santiago
Brigadier General Area (A) Fernando Silva De la Harpe

Head of the Social Department
Brigadier General Area (A) Miguel Marguirot Fajardo

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Area Brigadier General (DA) Gonzalo Opazo Drouillas

Commander in Chief of the IIa Brigade Area
Brigadier General Area (A) Vctor Cerda Ramrez

Secretary General
Brigadier General Area (A) Carlos Madina Daz

Commander in Chief of the IVa Brigade Area
Brigadier General Area (A) Miguel Stange Muoz

Commander in Chief of the Regional Brigade
Brigadier General Area (A) Pedro Nadeau Pavez

Commander in Chief of the 1st Regional Brigade
Brigadier General Area (A) Javier Dubl Searle

Head of Development and Projects
Brigadier General Area (A) Francisco Pizarro Aste

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