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Yesterday, March 4th, in a ceremony chaired by Lieutenant General Carlos Palacios Zaforteza, Head of the Canary Command, in the emblematic General Palacio de Capitana in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, they received their appointment as new ambassadors of the former Land Army Fire Civil Governor of the Canary Islands and former Attorney General Eligio Hernndez, the director of Grupo Edefa, Eva Cervera and the journalist Carlos Marrero from Tenerife.

The Army is thus continuing the continuity of an initiative to bring the institution closer to civil society and to improve its awareness and knowledge, which the Army Chief of Staff, General Francisco Javier Varela Salas, officially presented in Madrid last December. The Army brand is the brand of the Army as an institution, that of its human and ethical capital, of everything that is described under the chosen motto The Force of Values. Its ambassadors are expected to act as multipliers in this work of bringing knowledge together and disseminating knowledge in society.

While handing over the appointments to the brand’s new ambassadors, Lieutenant General Palacios Zaforteza spoke of the importance of making visible the actions of the army, what has emerged in this context of the pandemic last year with Operation Balmis, without the great one To forget work done in international missions. The head of the Canary Command also wanted to highlight the values ​​that make up the code of conduct for members of the army and that always regulate the exercise of a mission. Lt. Gen. Carlos Palacios thanked the new Army brand ambassadors for accepting their naming proposal and concluded by emphasizing that the information the Army will provide them will enable them to deepen their knowledge of this institution They are intended to make the ARMY BRAND known to our citizens and thereby identify our society with those who are determined in their ranks to contribute to the security and defense of Spain as the most valuable asset for the progress of our nation.

After completing the presentation of the Army Brand, the meaning of the character of the Army Brand Ambassador was presented, followed by the handover of the accreditation card and the imposition of a distinctive pin on the three ambassadors present by the Chief General of the Army. Command of the Canary Islands.

For her part, our director, Eva Cervera, thanked us for the trust associated with this appointment as brand ambassador for an institution whose values ​​are exceptional in every way. He noted that in today’s society the big concepts that are part of the army’s DNA, such as sacrifice and honor, have been pushed into the background in capital letters, emphasizing that the army’s approach to society is through these values to bring closer society, to appreciate a deontological code, an extraordinary way of working, to enter into commitments, self-denial, to do what is asked without asking, discreetly and without expecting more than the satisfaction of the duty performed in the service of this country. The army’s rapprochement with society also creates meeting places in a context of deep divisions. In this year of the pandemic, many of us saw from the windows the work of the army throughout the national territory, serving all Spaniards wherever and for what they are called, always ready because the army belongs to all of us and to all of us.

We speak of commendable work, not only within our borders, but also on their missions abroad, during which our soldiers have shed their blood to ensure peace and stability in the world. In particular, I want to dedicate my work to them as ambassadors for the brand of this army for which they gave their lives. Now that the concept of normalization is so fashionable we have a great job ahead of us, there is still a lot to be done but I am sure the day will come when a VAMTAC on the road is no cause for social concern will be and pride.

I lead a defense communications group, Grupo Edefa, which has been providing information in this sector for over 40 years. The Internet and social networks today have exponentially multiplied the number of readers of the information we publish. And we see that there are thousands upon thousands of people who read us every day without having any professional interests in the field. And this is a source of tremendous satisfaction as it confirms that people want to know their army, that there is tremendous interest, and that we have an important role to play in shaping it and how it is perceived.

Within this normalization of the military and the army’s approach to society, there is an important chapter about which, based on my professional position, I am convinced that we must all contribute to our role as ambassadors for the army brand, and that must be conveyed for them Society The need for a well-prepared army and that this service to society requires modern technical means. We have a great human factor and we need to be aware and make it clear to the rest of society that there is a need to provide this extraordinary human capital with the best means to do their job.

Army stamp

At the beginning of 2020, the Chief of Staff of the Army (YEME) set among his numerous goals the improvement of the awareness and knowledge of the Army in Spanish society. To this end, it was decided to create the Army brand in order to establish a corporate identity that defines the values ​​of this institution. The components of the corporate identity that make up the Army brand are the logo, the motto and the musical melody.

The logo is based on the coat of arms of the army and has been adapted from this reference to shapes and colors, artistically and in a novel way, adapted to the time to form an automatic communication between the symbol that it represents institution with the diverse public, that it perceives. The brand’s motto, Army of Land, the strength of values, was the proposal selected by a jury and approved by the General of the Chief of Staff of the Army as a result of a selection process based on more than a thousand proposals. after a competition that called social networks and in which the material and immaterial properties that the army represents with a reminder of tradition, its values ​​and of course the future, are to be recorded in writing.

The Army Brand Tune is an original short duration audio tune that, with your hearing, is intended to identify the Army Brand, as is the case with other institutions that are primarily commercial in nature. Its author is Commander Miguel ngel Mateo Gijn, head and director of the music department of the Canary Command.

Army Brand Ambassadors are those people who are committed to spreading the values ​​that unite the Army, thereby helping to increase society’s knowledge of them. The Army Brand Ambassador is a relevant personality who is vital to consolidation as he visibly materializes the connection between the institution, the army and the society it serves.

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