Appointment of Army Brand Ambassadors at the Terrestrial Headquarters for High Availability in Valencia-Noticias

In the imposing setting of the throne room of the Santo Domingo Barracks, former captain general and headquarters of the Terrestrial High Availability Headquarters (CGTAD), chaired by Lieutenant General Fernando Garcia-Vaquero Pradal, head of the CGTAD and institutional representative of the Army in the Valencian community, the act of Naming of the thirteen ambassadors of the “Army Brand” held. in the community.

Given a reduced capacity and strict adherence to anti-COVID measures, the law began with the presentation of the “Army Brand”, which summarizes all the tangible and intangible properties that make up the perception of what it is and what represents the institution and itss Values. Next, the components were described: logo, motto and musical harmony as the main symbols of the corporate identity.

The figure of the ambassador is one of the cornerstones of the brand as it identifies people from different fields who, because of their values ​​and commitment, contribute to a realistic and deep dissemination of the army, its activities and values. Likewise, it materializes the connection between the army and the society it serves.

After the handover of the cédulas and the imposition of the signatures as attributes that accredit them, Mr. Tomás Trenor Puig thanked the award nominees and showed his availability to carry out the duties of the position.

The CGTAD Lieutenant General concluded the event with a speech in which he reviewed the most important milestones that have shaped the transformation of the army in recent decades, such as the integration of women into the armed forces or joining NATO. He highlighted the importance of the concepts of security and defense in a modern society and thanked the new ambassadors for their availability and urged them to realistically and honestly convey the image of the army.

The appointments as ambassadors of the Army brand on this occasion are to Ms. Maria Emilia Adan García, Mr. Alberto-Delfín Arrufat Cárdava, Mr. David Casinos Sierra, Ms. Araceli Ciscar Garcia, Mr. Elías Durán de Porras, D. Alfonso Jiménez Fernández, Francisco Gómez Andreu , José Vicente Morata Estragués, David Pandelet Hernando, Jose Miguel Rosell Tejada, Francisco Santana Carbonell, Camilo Segura Artiaga and Tomás Trenor Puig.

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