Antonov acknowledges delays on the An-178 for the National Police of Peru, it failed to extradite until 2024, and they were not charged – notes

On February 5, the director of Antonov’s programs An-148, An-158 and An-178, Viktor Kazurov, announced in a report in Unimaginable Stories on the 5 Channel of Ukrainian TV that the prototype of this last and only copy was being made Date: after changing all the components and equipment of Russian origin, the first flight is expected to be no earlier than 2022 and, in his opinion, certification should take place at least by the end of 2023.

In particular, at 5:44 p.m. of the report it is indicated that we plan to fly this plane early next year. It’s a great job to do and the configuration has to be done from scratch. There is nothing old. We have to readjust everything again as you cannot remove one device and install another and we have to test everything, how it works and see that the teams get the information correctly, that the pilot indicators and warning systems are working. All of this has to be seen by the specialists in the workshop. Then the plane flies for the first time. This process takes just under three to four months. And we have to receive the certificate at least by the end of 2023.

In the same report, regarding the An-178 for the Peruvian National Police, Antonov’s acting director Sergei Bychkov stated that we have not yet received a cent for this aircraft, so I have indicated that I will cease production of the first of the first aircraft for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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