Another pilot sees a man with a jetpack while landing in Los Angeles

The most unusual flight incident happened again in Los Angeles: a man was seen again with a jetpack next to the planes landing at the city’s airport.

Jet involved in today’s incident © TJDarmstadt

As reported by CBS News and confirmed by the FAA, the US Civil Aviation Agency, the man with the jetpack (jetpack) was spotted by a China Airlines Boeing 777 that landed at LAX airport in Taipei after an 11 hour and 46 minute flight .

The registration jet B-18007 has a hybrid painting of Boeing and China Airlines, the flag of Taiwan, Republic of China. According to the recording of the conversation between the control tower and the pilots of the 777, which you can see below, the jetpack was discovered when the aircraft crossed an altitude of 1,828 meters.

The controller asks if the object was a UAV (drone or UAV in Portuguese) or a jetpack and the pilot states that this was the last option and that he was on the left and was flying over.

Other planes soon passed the jetpack position, but none claimed to have seen the man with the jetpack. It’s the second fall in a little over 30 days. Early last month, American and SkyWest pilots also spotted a man with a jetpack near the approach zone. Recall the case in the following article:

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