ANAC revokes French flight permits due to missing flights

The bankrupt French airline Aigle Azur had revoked its license to operate and operate in the country revoked by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC). The decision was made by the college of the agency and published on Friday (October 16) in the Federal Official Gazette. The expiry of the permits was due to the suspension of flight operations by the company itself for more than 180 days.

The revocation of the company’s permits is supported by Article 210 of the Brazilian Aviation Code (CBA), which provides that a foreign company’s permit to operate in Brazil may expire if services are suspended for more than six months and no appeal is lodged. . The last flight operated by the French company took place in September 2019. After more than a year, the airline has not requested any further commercial operations and has shown no interest in continuing to operate scheduled flights in the country.

Operating history

Aigle Azur’s approval to operate in Brazil was granted in May 2018, and the company’s first flights in the country began in July of that year. The company’s last commercial operation was registered on September 27th last year. The company operated the Paris-Campinas route for a total of 14 months. During this period, more than 45,000 passengers were carried on 224 flights.

ANAC information

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