ANAC directs the air transport of 2 million bottles of alcohol for elections

To facilitate compliance with sanitary protocols and to ensure the safety and health of election workers and voters in local elections taking place on November 15-29, the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) has taken measures to transport more than 2, 1 million individual Bottles of alcohol gel, in addition to thousands of liters of 70% alcohol for surface cleaning.

As a result of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, choosing this year requires special care and the acceptance of hygiene measures by all involved.

Both gel alcohol and 70% liquid alcohol are flammable materials classified as dangerous items (UN 1170). In order to be safely transported in aircraft, the senders must therefore meet various requirements with regard to packaging, labeling, labeling and documentation.

ANAC’s service also included the guidance and supervision of the dispatchers involved in the measure to ensure that the combustible material meets all the necessary requirements for transport by air carriers.

In order to ensure the safety of the company, especially for the transport of goods with gel and liquid alcohol, in April of this year ANAC published the document Procedure for the shipment of alcohol UN1170.

Information from the ANAC Communication Advisory.

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