An attack on an armored BTR-80A vehicle of the Venezuelan army kills 2 dead and 9 wounded

During a reconnaissance patrol in the combat area of ​​the Ripial sector, Jos Antonio Pez, municipality of Apure, a motorized column of 5 armored wheeled vehicles BTR-80A (8 x 8) of the 3 company of the reinforced infantry battalion 931 (BIRM No. 3) Divisional General Santiago Mario was the subject of an improvised explosive device (AEI) attack that resulted in the destruction of one of the BTR-80As and the death of two professional troops and nine wounded military personnel.

According to a press release from the Ministry of People’s Power for Defense and the Venezuelan media, on the morning of March 31, a tank formation consisted of motorized infantry troops from the Bolivarian Army and commandos from the Bolivarian Army. Bolivarian Marines, were ambushed with AID equipment placed by the dissidents of the Tenth Front, the FARC EP, on the road connecting the city of La Victoria to the El Ripial sector, with First Sergeants Andriel Istriz Sojo, Seat of the 8th Brigade of Commandos of the Sea Generalsimo Francisco de Miranda and Second Sergeant Jess Alexander Vsquez Prez, seat of the 931 Reinforced Infantry Battalion; At the same time, three junior officers and six ordinary sergeants from the above-mentioned units were injured to varying degrees.

Fifteen days after the implementation of the military operation Lanceros de Apure, when the special forces of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) launched an attack on the camps of a guerrilla column of the Tenth Front Martin Villa of the dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – The People’s Army (FARC EP) in the vicinity of The fighting has intensified in La Victoria, a few kilometers from the border with the Arauca department of the Republic of Colombia. Major actions are currently being carried out, with constant confrontations and armed skirmishes against Venezuelan military units and public institutions, prompting the operational strategic command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to carry out an even larger military operation than the one that began on April 2nd, a foot force on the ground of approx. 18 units t tactics of the battalion type as well as units for air, logistics and health support, so that in the operational area of ​​operational zone N 31 Apure units of mechanized infantry, motorized infantry, paratroopers, armored cavalry and river marines are deployed , light infantry and special forces of the four components of the FANB (Bolivarian Army, Bolivarian Navy, Bolivarian Military Aviation and Bolivarian National Guard).

In addition to these military actions, there were other events in the conflict zone, such as the expulsion of the residents of La Victoria to the Colombian border town of Arauquita, which reached up to 5,000 displaced persons, which received support from the Colombian authorities and the United Nations Refugee Office was set up in eight camps a few days after the fighting began. Another incident occurred on March 31, when two Venezuelan journalists from the Colombian news network NTN24 and two activists from the Venezuelan NGO FundaRedes were arrested by the Bolivarian National Guard on reaching the city of La Victoria to cover the confrontation. Armed but released a few hours later.

On the other hand, the Colombian armed forces continue to send combat units to the Arauca department with the aim of strengthening the security area of ​​the border with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. For the two thousand elements mobilized by the Colombian National Army on Monday March 29th, in addition to reinforcing the Grupo Areo del Casanare, there are three platoons of marine infantry and a heavy river combat element consisting of patrol boats from the Boston Whaler Guardian 25F, dated El Alcaravn Airport in Yopal, Department of Casanare. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Venezuela)

Photo: BTR-80A of the BIRM N 3 G / D Santiago Mario of the Venezuelan Army, destroyed by an improvised explosive device

Patrol of the Bolivarian National Guard Command Group

Hovercraft Griffon 2000TD of the Colombian Navy

Lockheed Martin F-16A / B fighting House Air Group No. 16 Hawk Block 15 with MK.82 bombs for air support operations

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