An Airbus C295 and a Sukhoi fighter land on a highway in Kazakhstan

In March last year, the Kazakh Defense Ministry conducted a two-week large-scale military exercise to test the combat readiness of the country’s special forces. The main objectives of the exercise called Altyn Zhebe (Golden Arrow) were to review the effectiveness of the elite troops and their ability to complete any combat mission within a certain period of time in order to improve field training and preparation for combat. A remote deployment was also evaluated in which the features of the Asian country with an area of ​​2,724,900 km / 2 (five times larger than Spain) were exploited, so that the armed forces were relocated to the Mangistau region. The hotel is located in the southwest of the country on the Caspian Sea.

The so-called Kazakh air defense, which transported the commandos to Mangistau, where the Aktau air force base is located, was also involved in the exercise. The C295 had a special role in the exercise, which was equipped with a total of 8 units, in addition to a ninth for their border service.

The operations were mainly conducted at night, including night parachute jumps in a mountain area. The special forces then occupied the assigned positions and conducted reconnaissance and search missions while the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) monitored their missions, including firearms qualification and artillery and mortar correction.

At the end of the exercise, an Airbus C295M transport aircraft and a Sukhoi Su-27P / BM2 fighter or flanker used a section of road as a runway in Mangistau for the first time, according to NATO. These practices also demonstrated the ability of the Kazakh Air Defense Air Force to use and increase its mobility in places with opportunities such as a highway or unpaved track in the case of C295 in support of land and naval forces. Kazakhs. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: C295 of the Kazakh Air Defense Forces operating from a highway in southwest Kazakhstan (Photo Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan)

Another protagonist of the highway shots was this Sukhoi Su-27P / BM2 flanker fighter. (Photo Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan)

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