An Air Force general takes over the presidency of the Spanish section of the Hispano-North American Standing Committee-Noticias

Brigadier General Garca Sipols replaces Rear Admiral Rafael Fernandez-Pintado Muoz-Rojas and has taken office as President of the Spanish section of the Hispanic-North American Standing Committee after his appointment by the Secretary of Defense. The act of seizure took place at the Air Force Headquarters, the headquarters of the Spanish section of the Spanish-North American Standing Committee, and was led by the Chief of Air Staff, Air General Javier Salto Martnez-Avial, and Secretary General for Defense Policy, Admiral Juan Francisco Martnez Nez.

The importance of the relationship between the United States and Spain in the field of defense was one of the axes of the speech by Admiral Martinez Nez, who recalled that the Defense Cooperation Agreement is a flexible instrument for our cooperation and the meeting point for deploying together Interests and values ​​that we share. He added that there are new ways to further deepen our relationship with the new American administration, with which he noted we have always been on good terms regardless of changes in administration. In conclusion, he praised the work of the outgoing Rear Admiral and I wish the arriving general good luck and a good journey.

The Spanish section of the Spanish-American Standing Committee is affiliated to the General Secretariat for Defense Policy of the Ministry of Defense and has a core of the staff of the Ministry of Defense as well as a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union and the European Union Cooperation and another from the Ministry of the Interior.

Photo: Brigadier General Garca Sipols.

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