Ammunition and accessories for the most exotic weapon of the Army Special Operations Command

The Army’s Special Operations Command (MOE) is one of the operators of the MP-7 submachine gun from the German company Heckler & Koch. It is a weapon that, due to its characteristics and especially its caliber, is more likely to be included in the personal defense weapon or PDW category halfway between the pistol or submachine gun and the assault rifle. The Army Logistics Support Command has now bought ammunition and accessories for this weapon directly from the German manufacturer for a value of 66,654.48 euros including taxes, an acquisition in which the price, at 90% of the price valuation, had the main weight.

Hecker & Koch offers two versions of this weapon, the original or A1 and the A2, which have received a new handguard with a standardized rail made of aluminum of the Picatinny or Mil-STD-1913 type with a U-profile (allows attachments on the sides and below) and that can be used to clip the gun to a specific leg holster for this model. The German manufacturer offers ammunition directly for this weapon, from the well-known manufacturers RUAG, Fiocchi and Nammo and only three accessories for the MP-7A1 such as replacement magazines and two special tools or utensils, one to feed the magazines and the other to close them to empty.

Last year the Luftwaffe bought several batches of ammunition with special properties, including 4.6 x 30 mm. this uses the MP-7 so we can roughly calculate the cost. At the time, 3,200 cartridges were purchased for 1,580, the amount now being used being significantly higher, suggesting that mostly accessories were purchased.

The MP-7 is a compact weapon with a caliber of 4.6 x 30 mm and a weight of less than 2 kg. Due to the use of plastic materials, it has a magazine with 20, 30 or 40 projectiles, which can be equipped with vision elements such as holographic or red dot sights or silencers such as the Rotex-II, which were purchased from the company. Last year, Swiss B & T took a look at the rail at the top of the receiver.

The high-speed ammunition has high penetration power even with protected elements, which makes it ideal for those who wear vests at short and medium distances. This measuring device can, for example, penetrate a standardized NATO plate of the CRISAT type (1.6 mm titanium and 20 layers of Kevlar at a distance of 200 meters). (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: One of the MOE MP-7s (Julio Maiz)

The types of ammunition offered by the manufacturer for the weapon (H & K)

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