Airmen band together to help the baby fight against time

Several aviation professionals came together to help “a little aviator” from Rio Grande do Sul who also needs our help.

He is a little over a year old and his parents say he is fascinated by airplanes and always looks up at the sky when he hears the sound of an airplane. At a young age, the little gaucho aviator fought a very rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 or simply AME.

EBF causes a lack of essential protein for the cells that control the muscles and can ultimately prevent the child from sitting alone and losing all movement. To avoid this sad diagnosis, João or a child with AME type 1 has to take a drug called Zolgensma, which costs more than R $ 8.5 million reais and is not covered by SUS.

Through several internet campaigns, including support from media representatives, his family has raised around $ 2 million, but time is short and the effects of the world’s most expensive medicine are only guaranteed if he takes his own two years old.

Sensitized by the case, a chain of aviation experts help and donate little João. The initiative is led by pilot Fernando Crescenti from Galeria Crescenti, who explains everything in the video above.

The campaign aims to support João and collect the necessary money. We know the good natures of all people who participate in this campaign, so we are not afraid to divulge it.

We did our part and supported the campaign along with other sites, channels, pilots, enthusiasts and all good aviation staff. If you’d like to help, here’s how:

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