Airline offers discounts and VIP treatment to those who buy their stocks

Have you thought about buying shares in a company and receiving dividends, high status in the miles program, bonus tickets and discounts?

You can do this by buying a few thousand shares in the Scandinavian Airlines System or simply by buying SAS. The leading Scandinavian company has launched its shareholder program with benefits that go well beyond dividends.

The requirement is very simple: be a shareholder in the company with at least 4,000 shares. When the Stockholm Stock Exchange closed last Friday, each share in the company was valued at SEK 2.33, which equates to R $ 1.49 per share. Therefore, at least R $ 5,960 must be paid to participate in the SAS program.

With this minimum number of shares, the investor has access to the SAS Friends & Family program, which grants large discounts two or three times a year. If the traveler wants to have gold status in the company’s EuroBonus program, which gives Star Alliance Gold status with access to VIP rooms, free upgrades and much more, a minimum of R $ 149,000 must be paid out, which corresponds to 100,000 shares in companies.

If you are a millionaire and own 1 million shares (R $ 1,490,000), you will have Diamond status on the EuroBonus and collect thousands of miles that can be exchanged for tickets.

This entire program was intended to attract more individual investors to the company, not travelers. The registration period for the program ends in November. Interested parties can register on the company’s website.

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