AirConnected DX event to discuss the future of the aviation industry in November

Paula Faria_CEO da Necta and creator of AirConnected DX.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), aviation contributes to Latin America with a GDP of 153 billion US dollars (gross domestic product), which is fundamental to the development of Brazil. Information from the National Secretariat for Civil Aviation (SAC) of the Ministry of Infrastructure indicates that Brazil has the world’s largest portfolio of assets, with nearly 50 airports open to private investors over the next few semesters.

In this context, and to discuss the direction of this sector in the country, Necta and Fenleon Advogados will host the AirConnected DX on November 24-25, 2020, an initiative that is part of the continuity of work promoting sector-related issues in Air Transport.

The event will take place in a 100% digital format via an exclusive and dedicated platform that includes an exhibition, business meeting and forum, among other things. The action is strategically and institutionally supported by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) and Infraero.

Paula Faria, CEO of Necta and Founder of AirConnected DX, mentions that Brazil is one of the largest economies in the world, with a vast area that requires connectivity and investment in this sector and is fundamental to economic development. “Brazil has 210 million potential consumers who expect even greater growth in aviation and tourism in the context of Latin America and the world. And during the two days of AirConnected, we will be promoting precisely these possibilities. The output counts with the participation of key players from the public and private sectors, ”he said.

Under the theme Post-Coronavirus Future: Connecting the Ecosystem to Keep the World Connected, AirConnected DX will cover the topics of commercial aviation, regional aviation, business aviation, cargo transportation, airports, infrastructure, regulation, technology, security and automation in a comprehensive manner in addition to air mobility and control tower trends.

Ricardo Fenelon, Co-Director of AirConnected and founding partner of Fenelon Advogados.

“Without a doubt, AirConnected DX is one of the key aviation initiatives worldwide where we have all the tools we need to deliver the in-person event experience in digital format. It is important to highlight that we have been taking action since April to bring together the key players in the sector and to monitor and contribute in real time to the debate on the safe resumption of flights. The aviation industry was one of the most severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and required a lot of resilience, management and adaptation to the new processes and protocols from the entire chain, ”emphasizes Ricardo Fenelon, Co-Director of AirConnected and founding partner of Fenelon Advogados .


AirConnected DX FORUM

The forum will take place with the participation of national and international experts. The main agenda of the event will be the recovery of aviation after the pandemic, with the submission of proposals and initiatives to resume aviation in Brazil and worldwide. All content will be online for another two months after AIRC DX.

Confirmed speakers: Ronei Glanzmann, Secretary for Civil Aviation in the Ministry of Infrastructure; Tiago Sousa Pereira, Director of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC); Filipe Reis, Director of Airports, America – IATA – International Air Transport Association; Alexandre Monteiro, CEO – RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport; Rogério Coimbra, Director of Corporate Affairs at Inframérica; Daniel Diniz, CEO of FlyAdam; Cmte. Francisco Lyra, Partner and President of CFLY Aviation, GAT GRU and IBA – Instituto Brasileiro de Aviação; Pedro Viana, Editor-in-Chief of Portal Aeroflap; Cristian Favaro, reporter for Agência Estado; Debbie Rooney, Departmental Engineer for Multimodal and Public Functions – Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

E: Tere Franceschi, TSA advisor for Brazil and Colombia; Rodrigo Mota, Representative of the Country, Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean – USTDA; Ricardo Bisinotto Catanant, Director of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC); Thaís Strozzi, partner at Strozzi Hoffman Advogados; Vivianne Magalhães, Legal Director of Riogaleão; Don K. Kim, PE, International Technology Advisor – US Transportation Security Administration (TSA); Dale Mason, United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) design consultant; Debbie Rooney, Departmental Engineer for Multimodal and Public Functions – Transportation Security Administration (TSA); Tere Franceschi, TSA advisor for Brazil and Colombia;

Besides: Rodrigo Mota, representative of the country, Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean – USTDA; Ricardo Bisinotto Catanant, Director of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC); Marcelo Bento, Director of Alliances and Institutional Relations at Azul Linhas Aéreas; Diogo Elias, Director of Sales and Marketing at LATAM Airlines Brasil; Luiz Gustavo Fraxino, CEO of Retail Services Brasil; Daniel Moczydlower, CEO of EmbraerX / VP Corporate Innovation, Digital Transformation and New Business Development – Embraer; Thiago Nykiel, CEO of Infraway Engenharia; among other national and international specialists.

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AirConnected DX is designed to ensure an environment in which there is connection and interaction between attendees and to ensure engagement before, during and after the event through a simple and intuitive digital experience. The platform enables the holding of business meetings, product exhibitions at Expo Virtual, Forum and other tools developed by Necta to participate in the event and to profile the participating public.

EXPO VIRTUAL AirConnected DX: At the virtual stand you can, among other things, view the exhibitor’s descriptions and videos, download documents such as presentations and technical specifications and chat online with company representatives.

Pre-AirConnected DX events have been held since July for those registered for the event in order to promote networking among the participants. In this environment with an exclusive platform, channels for topics are created to support discussions and the exchange of information between the participants.

The content is available at:

SUPPORT: National Civil Aviation Authority (Anac); Ministry of Infrastructure; Airspace Control Department (Decea); Infraero; Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear); and Business France.


AirConnected DX – National Event

Date: November 24th and 25th, 2020

Location: 100% digital

Organization and implementation: Necta (

Co-realization: Fenelon Advogados


More information:

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