Airbus delivers the first A220 manufactured in the United States of America

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Airbus today delivered its first A220 aircraft from the United States. It is a copy of the Delta Air Lines A220-300, the result of an order for 92 units from the American company. This unit was manufactured in Mobile, Alabama, USA, while all previously shipped units were manufactured in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada at the former Bombardier factories.

“The delivery of the first US-made aircraft to an American customer is truly proud of the A220 program,” said Philippe Balducchi, director of the A220 program.

The Mobile plant is the same one Airbus uses to make other models, such as the A319, A320 and A321 jets for North American customers. One curiosity is that the Alabama-made aircraft, despite being made in the US, remain with the Canadian test registration until they are shipped. This is because the aircraft is regulated by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) as it is an original Canadian Bombardier project. This is possible due to agreements between countries.

We recall that the A220 family was named after Bombardier’s purchase of the CSeries jet division and today has two models, the A220-100 and the largest, the A220-300.

This week we also talked about the first JetBlue A220 from Mobile, which is already ready for the first flight:

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