Airbus delivers the 1,500th unit of its first long-haul jet, the A330

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Airbus A330-900 (A330neo) – Image: Airbus

While Airbus gained prominence last week when it shipped the A321neo 10,000 serial number to the A320 Family, which wasn’t the 10,000th, the European manufacturer announced another major milestone on Monday (12) in production.

An Airbus A330neo that was delivered late last month is the 1,500. A330 Family jet built by Airbus since the program was launched.

Almost 28 years after the first flight of an A330 in November 1992, the aircraft manufacturer announced on social media that it had delivered the 1,500th copy of the first long-haul aircraft in its history, calling the model “the most popular wide-body flight that flies at more than 120 operators “.

That’s 1,500 A330s delivered! Since its first flight in 1992, Airbus’ first long-haul aircraft has never stopped evolving. This makes it the most popular wide-body aircraft with more than 120 operators. #DYK: We have shipped one A330 a week since the first delivery in 1993! # 1500A330

– Airbus (@Airbus) October 12, 2020

The manufacturer has dubbed it the most popular wide-body flight and has created controversy on social media as many users have indicated that the Boeing 777 Family has more shipments and orders than the A330 today. However, the explanation can be found in the Airbus publication itself, which refers to the number of different operators of the model, which is higher than the number of 777.

Since the first delivery of the first A330 to Air Inter at the end of 1993, which went into service in January 1994, Airbus has delivered an average of “one A330 per week”, as described in the manufacturer’s publication.

The double-aisle double-aisle jet rose in its first generation in the versions A330-300 and A330-200 for passenger airlines, ACJ330 for corporate aviation, A330F for the cargo market, MRTT for military operators and Beluga XL for Airbus-owned special transports to the skies.

Since the introduction of the new “Neo” generation in 2014, two versions have been available: the successful A330-900 and the almost unsold A330-800. At the end of September, Airbus registered 1,818 orders for this family (excluding MRTT and Beluga XL), of which 1,501 have already been delivered and 1,432 are currently in service.

According to the Air Journal, the 1,500 jet was the A330-900 with registration number N407DX and serial number 1957, which was delivered to North American Delta Air Lines. Interestingly, since it was delivered on September 22nd, the jet has only entered service today.

According to flight tracking locations, it has only been transferred from Toulouse, where it was made in France, to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where it will be kept until the publication of this article, just like it did before with another A350-900 that Delta received as well September.

Get the news on your mobile, access the AEROIN channel via Telegram and our Instagram profile.

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