Airbus Defense and Space will modernize the avionics of the Air Force’s C295s-Noticias

Airbus Defense and Space was selected by the Air Force Logistics Support Command to implement the framework agreement for the modernization of avionics in C295 aircraft and the related revisions. The framework agreement has a term of five years. According to the award, the reason for awarding the contract to Airbus DS is due to the award proposal made by the Deputy Colonel for Procurement to the Procurement Directorate. The framework agreement amounts to 28.2 million euros and is expected to be concluded in June 2025.

It is worth recalling that on March 23, the Council of Ministers approved the conclusion of the framework agreement to modernize the Avinica system of the Air Force’s C295 aircraft for an estimated value of EUR 29,871,000. As explained at this point, the aircraft of the Air Force Model C295 must modify their avionics system in order to meet both the interoperability requirements required by the European Security Agency (EASA) for the surveillance of the single European sky and the requirements of the European operational requirements of the NATO Luftwaffe on this type of aircraft, mainly in relation to IFF-Identification Friend or Foe Model 5 and military GPS.

Following the advice of the Council of Ministers mentioned above, the necessary measures, as well as the delivery of material, will be carried out both in the facilities of the Airbus company in Seville and in the facilities of the Maestranza Area of ​​the Air Force in that province: it is striking that this reference was included when the award of the framework agreement was dated May 21, and the decision decision states that the Airbus offer was submitted on April 30.

Let’s also remember that the Air Force Logistics Support Command’s procurement department last year hired Airbus Defense and Space to carry out a prototype Avinica modernization and overhaul of one of the C-295 aircraft. In particular, it will act on the registration T.21-04 assigned to wing 35, where it will show the number 35-42 on its fuselage. This contract, negotiated without advertising, had an amount of 6,281,000 euros, spread over four pensions from 2020 to 2023 of 150,000, 2,626,450, 2,206,200 and 1,298,350 euros.

As we suggested at the time, this upgrade could include incorporating the most advanced variant into Air Force C295, which was configured for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s FWSAR program, which also includes Collins Aerospace Systems’ Avinica being analyzed. last year. This aspect was confirmed to us in an interview with the Chief General of the Air Force Logistics Support Command, Lieutenant General Ignacio Bengoechea Mart, in which he stated that the process of obtaining short-term funding for a modernization of the Avinica that province’s fleet has begun. The Air Force is working on this line and has already sent the appropriate documentation to start the process. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: C295 of the Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe)

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