Airbus and Germany submit Eurofighter’s offer to Switzerland to replace its fleet of F-5 and F / A-18-Noticias

A few days ago, Germany signed a contract to acquire 38 Tranche 4 Eurofighters and is now offering Switzerland the opportunity to lay the foundations for closer political, economic and security cooperation by purchasing the same type of aircraft. Airbus and the Federal Republic of Germany have therefore submitted their official offer to sell Eurofighter aircraft to the Federal Office for Armaments. It was created in cooperation with the other nations of this program as well as with the industrial partners Leonardo and BAE Systems and meets the requirements of the new combat aircraft implemented by Switzerland for Replace the fleet of the F-5 and F / A-18 currently in use .

With the planned takeover of the Eurofighter, the Federal Republic of Germany wants to offer Switzerland the opportunity to deepen its existing military coalition, especially with regard to the joint training of the two air forces. The Eurofighter gives Switzerland full autonomy in the use, maintenance and application of its aircraft data. With more than 660 orders, the Eurofighter is the most widely used aircraft for air surveillance in Europe, operated jointly by the four partner countries Germany, Italy, Spain and Great Britain and is a platform that is constantly evolving.

Michael Flgger, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Switzerland, emphasized that the Eurofighter is the only platform that is jointly developed and operated by several European nations and therefore represents an ideal solution for Switzerland. “Dirk Hoke, CEO of Airbus Defense and Space insisted that” the Eurofighter is the best global solution for Switzerland. It is the most advanced fighter aircraft currently being built in Europe and meets all the country’s requirements. By providing construction data and other important information, Switzerland will have full and independent control over the Eurofighter and ensure full transparency. With more than 200 suppliers in the federal government, Airbus is already a strong partner for Switzerland and we look forward to further expanding this cooperation. ”

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