Air Brigadier Nero Moura is honored in Santa Maria (RS)

The month of October was marked by celebrations for Aviator Day and Brazilian Air Force Day. In Santa Maria (RS) a ceremony took place on October 29th in the premises of the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion (29th BIB) – the “Batalhão Cidade de Santa Maria”, with which a memorial in honor of The Patron of Brazilian Fighter Aviation and former commander of the 3rd Army Aviation Regiment, Brigadeiro do Ar Nero Moura. The memorial was handcrafted by the battalion’s military personnel, including the art of the airplane.

The event was attended by the commander of the 29th BIB, Colonel André Luiz de Souza Dias, the commander of the 4th wing, Colonel Aviator Wilson Paulo Corrêa Marques and also commanders of the units of the Santa Maria Aeronautics Garrison (GUARNAE -SM).

The 3rd Army Aviation Regiment was founded in 1933 with a subsequent transfer to Canoas (RS). The area in which the Aviation Regiment in Santa Maria (RS) was located is now the headquarters of the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion, a historic site for Brazilian fighter jets.

Historical records of Fighter Aviation in Santa Maria (RS) indicate that Brigadeiro do Ar Nero Moura was appointed Sub-Commander and Substitute Commander of the Third Aviation Regiment in Santa Maria (RS) in 1937, after he was promoted to Captain .

“Revered Brigadeiro Nero Moura and his passage through Santa Maria flatter us to take part in this tribute here, by inaugurating this brilliant monument that worships our past and lets us relive the story of a war hero so important to aviation, the Brazilian Hunting ”, emphasized Wing Commander 4.

Patron of the fighter aircraft

Brigadeiro Nero Moura was born on January 30, 1910 in Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. He was the first commander of the 1st Fighter Aviation Group sent to the Italian campaign in 1944 -47 Thunderbolt, in just over seven months of operation, the group carried out 445 missions under the leadership of then Major Nero Moura, spread over 2,550 sorties were. The military fulfilled the expressive mark of 62 war missions.

On January 31, 1951, he was sworn in as Minister of Aviation and promoted to Brigadeiro do Ar in August of the same year. On January 17, 1995, he was officially declared patron of the Brazilian fighter jets. He died on December 17, 1994 in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The 29th BIB

It is devoted to the defense of the fatherland with the armored personnel carrier M113-BR as the main means. It carries out guarantee operations under the law and regulation and participates in actions for the benefit of the nation. The military organization was part of the Brazilian expeditionary force in World War II and has already participated in peace missions in East Timor and Haiti. It is subordinate to the 6th Panzer Infantry Brigade.

Source: FAB

Photos: 29th Infantry Battalion

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