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The allocation of material to the armed forces sometimes reflects the loss of capacity of the national industry. If we recently reported the acquisition of grenades of South African origin for the Army’s automatic grenade launchers, we are now seeing the most recent acquisition of 12.70mm ammunition. The main recipient for the same user is neutral Switzerland. As we shall see, the other two selected companies are representatives with whom it is clear that nothing is manufactured in our country.

In this case, the Army Contracting Board had a four-year framework agreement for the supply of 12.70mm ammunition. Distributed for different applications in five lots with a total amount including taxes of 11.3 million euros.

Lot 1 consists of cartridges of the type PI / PI-T M8 / 20 (12.70 x 99 mm), which are connected in a ratio of 4 to 1 (incendiary piercing and tracer incendiary piercing ammunition) and the Swiss Saltech AG for this amount were awarded by 4, 7 million euros (excluding taxes). Lot 2 consists of cartridges in the format 12.70 x 99 mm. common 4-to-1 M33 / M17 tracer awarded to Equipamientos SDAL for 2.9 million euros.

Lot 3 consists of cartridges in the format 12.70 x 99 mm. Associated frangibles worth 1.2 million euros, which were void due to a lack of offers. Lot 4 consists of cartridges in the format 12.70 x 99 mm. Normal for precision shots worth 493,075 euros, supplied by Milypol Suministros Especiales SL Finally, Lot 5 consists of cartridges with a size of 12.70 x 99 mm. MP PIR (multi-purpose drill fire breaker), again awarded to the Swiss Saltech AG for 115,500 euros.

We cannot go back too many years to see how this type of award has mainly been supplied by Spanish companies with manufacturing capacities in our country. Over time and the various restructuring and business decisions, some product lines will be abandoned due to the reduced trading margin, while other ammunition will be provided by more specialized companies due to their greater technical complexity.

Omena Technologies and Nammo Palencia also took part, although the tender documentation indicates that the competition’s economic proposals were more stringent. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The army has acquired 12.70 mm ammunition. including specific for precision (ET)

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