After the hail, the Airbus A320 ends with a cracked windshield on the first ascent

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The left windshield of an Airbus A320 was completely damaged in the first few minutes after take-off after a hail shower on Monday, October 12th.

According to information from The Aviation Herald, the incident involving the Airbus A320, registered under registration number N462UA and operated by United Airlines, occurred when it took flight number UA-349 from Chicago O’Hare to Washington Dulles In the USA.

The jet soared after taking off from O’Hare’s 22-L runway as it passed an area of ​​hail, and the force of the ice rocks hitting the left windshield eventually broke it.

The crew decided to stop the ascent at approximately 15,300 feet and returned to Chicago Airport, where they safely landed on runway 28C about 30 minutes after departure.

Weather data (METAR) released at times near the incident show wide variations in weather conditions, with a storm occurring near the airport. The aircraft’s flight path in the radar image above also shows that the crew made detours in the minutes after departure, possibly due to thunderclouds.

According to FlightRadar24 records, the aircraft will remain on the ground until this article is published. The start should only take place after the damaged windshield has been replaced. This usually takes longer than 1 day as the fixing sealant needs to be dried or a non-pressurized transfer flight is needed in case maintenance needs to be done at a different location.

Aircraft windshields are made of several layers of different materials so that they can withstand damage and only have cracks without breaking, which provides greater safety for pilots and the flight. However, depending on the extent of the damage, the material cannot withstand, which is why the crew members cancel the flight for safety reasons and land at the nearest airport.

Receive news on your mobile, access the AEROIN channel via Telegram and our Instagram profile.

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