After the Airbus A321 P2F, the A321 PCF is flying for the first time

Photo – 321 Disclosure of Precision Conversions

321 Precision Conversions, a joint venture between Aircraft Transport Services Group (ATSG) and Precision Aircraft Solutions (PAS), announced the completion of the company’s first post-conversion flight on the company’s PCF freighter A321-200 on Sunday (11). The A321 passenger aircraft was converted to Avocet MRO Services in Sanford, Florida.

This is the second Airbus A321F project to fly. The first is owned by the German Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), a joint venture between Airbus and ST Aerospace, which started in January for the first time under the name A321P2F (Passenger-to-Freight).

In practice, P2F and PCF are two very similar projects that will turn the largest narrow-body aircraft in the Airbus A320 family into a freighter.

“Based on the results of this flight test – a requirement for participating in the certification flight test – we expect rapid progress towards full certification,” said Gary Warner, president of 321 Precision Conversions.

The companies responsible for the conversion of the jets rely on it for e-commerce.

The loading space of the A321F not only offers a high volume capacity, but also enables the transport of ten containers in addition to the fourteen loading positions on the upper cargo deck. This ability to deliver cargo in containers increases efficiency by reducing rotation times (the aircraft’s ability to stay operational with less ground time), which they think is ideal for growing electronic commerce.

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