Adventia trains Ertzaintza helicopter pilots in language skills

The Adventia Aeronautical School, a center attached to the University of Salamanca, offers representatives of the Ertzaintza Air Unit an almost two-month training program in aviation English language skills.

Through a language preparation program specially designed for the Basque Autonomous Police, the school will provide them with semi-personal training according to standards set by the State Area Security Agency (AESA).

To this end, candidates receive personalized training in the Ertzaintza facilities, which includes everything they need to successfully pass the language proficiency tests. The aviation school’s language preparation program is taught by specialized tutors (university doctors and commercial aviation pilots with ICAO level 6 English proficiency) and includes personalized online monitoring and access to didactic resources on their training platform.

After intensive preparation for the language proficiency test, the Ertzaintza agents will take the language proficiency test in Bilbao via the evaluation center of the Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots.

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