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The Special Operations Command (MOE) of the Spanish Army (ET) supports its capabilities today in a structure that highlights five pillars with the functions of Combat, Combat Support and Combat Logistics Support and unloads a unit. Logstica, another unit of the headquarters group and three of the group / flag entity. The latter are known to include a number of skills in their structure that enable them to carry out their basic missions: direct actions, special reconnaissance, and military support.

These are operating teams (EOs) with staff who complement their general training in special operations and focus on infiltrations / insertions and exfiltrations / extractions by different means or in different environments. Mobility, water, manual skydiving at high altitude HALO / HAHO (High Altitude Low Opening / High Altitude High Opening), mountain EOs or those that focus more on counter-terrorism are organized.

In order to expand the current working capacity and as part of the comprehensive transformation process envisaged under the MOE 2035 plan sponsored by General Rodrguez Roca, changes will be made that will affect both the arrival of new teams bringing new skills as well as changes in the structure that enables the optimization of processes and functions. Adding both efforts will frame the novelty we are going to talk about. Under the flag of the Legion Special Operations (BOEL) Caballero Legionario Maderal Oleaga XIX, a new type of EO has just been implemented that has ample potential to complement those already created.

It’s about the Advanced Capabilities Operational Teams. What has been done under the command of a captain is the union of a number of organic elements that were already present along with other elements of new or recent incorporation. This includes resources such as precision shooters who, with various models of rifles that fire cartridges with different capacities and potentials, offer a high level of precision against anti-personnel and anti-material targets and optimize them with these weapons and their telescopic sights. A. Potential that goes further, making them particularly versatile for target monitoring and information gathering.

Similar potential would be offered by other cores of this EO. We have staff and equipment focused on monitoring and detecting specific areas or points. This is a task where both the day / night remote sensors they carry and those handled by experienced operators like this type of equipment are particularly useful. unattended, which is in a specific location and captures seismic movement, thermal, and other details that we can use to identify routines, media, or people.

Likewise, the TEO / TSE capacity (Technical Exploitation Operations / Tactical Site Exploitation) is determined, which, although it represents a transversal capacity in the other EOs, provides certain techniques and materials that require additional concentration in this EO active there The operational requirements des BOEL require a plus in TEO / TSE training.

To take advantage of the capabilities of the complex, he also works with newer remote-controlled aircraft systems (RPAS) which, as part of the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) concept, include daytime or thermal cameras for surveillance or surveillance The small and discreet Black Hornet- Systems, vertical launch quadcopters like the Huginn X1, and other pieces of equipment will be included, air material reinforced with another material specifically designed for operation on land or in water.

The versatility of the BOEL’s Advanced Capabilities EO is being carefully studied and it is likely that a decision will be made in the future to establish similar cores in the GOE Valencia III and GOE Tercio del Ampurdn IV. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photography: TEO / TSE capacity has recently been gaining particular importance for obtaining meaningful data in the places where it operates. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

The BOEL UAS focus on this new Advanced Capabilities Operational Team, an innovation within the MOE. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Precision shooters can obtain relevant data about the activity of the opponent by maintaining their surveillance and observation positions. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

BOEL’s Advanced Capabilities Operational Team gathers various resources for the benefit of the flag’s general activity. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

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