Adaptive Systems’ Spike and Mistral missile simulators for the Army

The Spanish company Adaptive Systems has received the delivery of six simulators for missile systems in the Air Force. In particular, there are three simulators for the Spike anti-tank missile and many others for the Mistral surface-to-air missile. The Army Logistics Support Command headquarters’ business contract had split a recently signed contract into three lots, lot 2 of which corresponded to spike simulators, while lot 3 contained the Mistral simulators for 169,587 and 196,674 euros, respectively.

Adaptive has been supplying various simulation systems to the Spanish armed forces for more than 25 years, and produces and maintains space and portable simulators for eight different weapon types, as we analyzed in 2016. This includes simulators of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons for military training, which are emulated, among others, the behavior of Milan, TOW, Spike, Mistral, 35/90, C-90 and Alcotn C-100. Adaptive Systems has delivered 115 simulation systems to its offices in Spain and offers full support.

The simulation can be carried out under the threefold aspect of teaching students, training shooters and training teaching. All adaptive simulators allow training at all levels, from creating new missions to analyzing, planning and developing location exercises, to tracking, recording, final analysis of the results and registering in a database for tracking shooters.

Mistral Portable All Weather Simulator

In addition, we were able to personally get to know the portable all-weather simulator of the Mistral missile (SMPB Mistral) at the last edition of the FEINDEF fair, for which the army had previously acquired five simulators, the properties of which we had further developed in March last year. This includes very easy installation at any location within minutes, full compatibility with the space simulators used by the Segovia Artillery Academy. They can also be used individually or combined for zone practice. They are integrated in the COAAAS Fire Direction Center (FDC), expandable and adaptable to future military needs and are based on cost-effective and reusable elements (COTS). and they use the same software kernel as the rest of the adaptive simulators. This enables extensive upgrades according to customer requirements.

Electronic systems

Adaptive Systems is also active in other areas of defense electronics, such as developing control cards for various applications. For example, it has been supplying the Ministry of Defense with control cards for the 35/90 anti-aircraft generator since 2017, after signing a framework agreement for this delivery until 2022 in June last year.

This type of control card is responsible for all functions of the generator set and replaces four of the original ones, which are re-programmable, which allows the operating parameters to be optimized. This also includes an error detection system and the internal states of the card and the other systems. These are devices of a modern design that offer greater reliability and thus higher availability of the generator set and cause costs ten times lower than the original. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Using the Mistral missile simulator (Adaptive Systems)

Mistral Portable Simulator (Adaptive Systems)

Spike Portable Simulator (Adaptive Systems)

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