Accident of a Tucano of the military aviation of Venezuela

On the morning of March 1, an as yet undetermined failure of an Embraer EMB-312V Tucano of the Bolivarian Military Aviation forced its crew to make an emergency landing on the Santa Clara farm in the San Joaqun sector in the central-western state of Carabobo.

After the aircraft was stopped on the ground and registration 5050 was assigned to Areo Training Group No. 14 Escorpiones, it was rescued a few minutes after the incident by residents of the area and members of the Bolivarian National Police, who in turn were assisted by the emergency landing by the alarm team of the Search and Rescue Squadron (CSAR) of the Special Operations Group No. 10 Cobras, which arrived in the area of ​​the accident aboard a Cougar helicopter AS.532AC, and the medical team to stabilize the Tucano crew, consisting of Captain Alberth Hurtado and a lieutenant Jos Becerra. They were later taken to the Elbano Paredes Vivas Military Hospital in the city of Maracay, Aragua State, where it was reported that both pilots had suffered minor injuries as the plane landed as a result of the heavy impact of the aircraft.

The injured Tucano is assigned to Basic Training Squadron No. 142, which operates from Mariscal Sucre Air Base (BASUCRE) in Boca de Ro, Aragua state. Facility that also houses Air Training Group No. 14 and its Main Aircraft Squadron No. 141 (Aermacchi F-260B), Tactical No. 143 (Embraer EMB-312V Tucano AT-27) and Maintenance Squadron No. 147 that meet these requirements fulfill the function of training military personnel as pilots of military aviation and of training personnel of instructor pilots to conduct flight operations in support of the employment plans of Bolivarian military aviation. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Venezuela)

Photo: Embraer EMB-312V Tucano T-27 of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.

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