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ABANCE Ingeniera y Servicios is a family company founded in March 1994, active in the marine and defense sector from its headquarters in El Puerto de Santa Mara (Cdiz) and its operational offices in Cartagena and soon in Ferrol. The main activity is the development of marine engineering projects and systems for military ships and submarines, as well as for civil and offshore platforms and marine elica.

Within the Naval Division, ABANCE works with shipyards and their international designers who specialize in every type of ship, from the earliest phases of the functional and basic project to 3D modeling in the most important international design software programs (Foran, Cadmatic, Aveva or Siemens NX)) both the structure of the ship and the preparation routes for the preparation service, which help to streamline the original design and lead it to its true specialization. These are the detail and production engineers of the various areas (structures, pipelines, HVAC, electricity and electronics). etc.) for the proper manufacture and assembly of the ship.

Within this department there is the proven management capacity for the development of comprehensive work packages for the complete ship technology, the responsibility of which can reach up to 150,000 annual working hours. In his long history of working with Navantia, over the past few years he has worked on the detailed construction of the jacket and top of the Elica Marina East Anglia One project for Iberdrola and the Aibel Offshore Module, both built at the Navantia Puerto facility Really.

In the military field, he participated in the detailed design of the bow area for the project of the Saudi Arabian corvettes built in Navantia San Fernando and provided technical support for changes and updates to the detailed design of the ships. AORs were built at Navantia Ferrol for the Australian Navy and in the final stage of the detailed development of the S-80 submarine program at the Navantia Cartagena factory for the Spanish Navy. Finally, because of its importance, we will mention the collaboration that has been ongoing for nearly two years with shipyards in the US and Chile to develop detailed designs for their respective governments’ major coast guard ship and icebreaker projects.

In the Systems Engineering division, ABANCE has experience in the engineering, installation, simulation, test and maintenance of integrated platform control systems for military ships, including UPS (unmanned surface vehicles), design and integration of hardware devices and development of software engineering engineer for logistics support ILS (Integrated Logistic Support), including NATO cataloging and security studies and security technology for military systems (combat systems and weapons, communications and electronics, as well as platform controls and simulators).

This department has worked closely with the Navantia Sistemas business unit for many years. The engineers have acquired technical knowledge that will provide them with a solid foundation for the next technological challenges that may be associated with the requirements of military projects for the US Spanish Navy and other export programs for foreign navies.

Especially in this department, it has worked together in recent years on the development and testing of hardware, spftware and ILS for the combat and platform control systems for the combat supply ship Cantabria, the strategic projection ship Juan Carlos I, the maritime action BAM, the frigates F-100 and F-105, the UPS Vendaval and currently in the corvettes of the Saudi Arabian Navy, the submarines S-80 and the frigates F-110, the first two programs mentioned are under construction and in the process of engineering Phase of the latter.

ABANCE recently entered the registered capital of Instrumentacin y Control del Sur (Surcontrol), a company specializing in robotics and industrial automation, with which it complements its current capabilities and explores synergies for the development of products and technological solutions adapted to the new digital system customize transformation needed by the naval and defense sectors around the world.

KLUH is the result of all of Surcontrol’s knowledge of robotics, a leader in industrial robotics, and includes specialized and applied research on the various aspects of the robot as a machine and its integration with other elements and devices to achieve this. Present systems that are more portable, more flexible and more eco-efficient and that replace large robotic cells. So far, star applications for welding and cutting have been developed in the KLUH initiative.

More than 27 years of history

In 2020 the company completed 27 years of activity, and since 1994 Carlos Campoy Lpez, the first generation of this family business, began his journey together with Carlos Campoy Zuasti. Father and son worked together for years until the natural generation change took place in 2013, when Campoy Zuasti took over the management of the company. Campoy Lpez is currently honorary chairman of the board of directors without a management position at ABANCE.

ABANCE began its activity as an auxiliary company in maritime transport, meeting the demand for the first requirements for engineering services and virtual reality in the factories of the Spanish shipyards and the national company Bazn de Construcciones Navales Militares in the province, now part of the Navantia Group. Later she began to carry out shipbuilding for other shipyards of the group in the north and east of our country as well as for other private shipyards inland and to develop projects for different types of merchant ships and offshore platforms.

Photo: ABANCE contributed to the technical development and testing of the combat and platform control systems of the frigate F-100 and F-105

From 2004 ABANCE used the new cycle of military naval construction that took place in Spain, on the one hand with ship renovation projects for the navy and on the other hand through export programs. Both of these circumstances provided the opportunity to work closely with the public shipyards in the design of these ships and the design of the systems installed on board, which helped him gain a system integration experience over the years that was a great added value Department for ILS and life cycle support of the systems implemented in ships and submarines.

In 2010, the company began diversifying its engineering activities. One of the key achievements of this period was working with some of the key companies in the Tcnicas Reunidas Group on detailed design projects for combined cycle power plants, refineries and petrochemical plants. Since 2013, the company has intensified its strategic efforts to diversify customers through a strong international commitment and permanent technology updates and training for its employees.

ABANCE currently employs more than 140 people, mainly engineers, technical engineers, designers and draftsmen from various fields. A large staff, in which more than 75 percent have permanent contracts and whose main value is the years of experience and teamwork that accumulates in one of the two divisions, its technical departments of both departments. Continuous training of staff in the new computer aided design (CAD), simulation, materials and project management platforms is one of the keys to maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace.

From an employment perspective, the company is in full growth and estimates that it will hit 20 percent from its current level in the medium term. Without a doubt, this is one of the company’s greatest pride and joy. According to Carlos Campoy Zuasti, we have a great human team with excellent qualifications and extensive experience. Without a doubt, this is our main advantage. This growing team needed to improve facilities so that construction of modern offices began in 2014. The company’s current headquarters, recently expanded in the second phase, will eventually cover more than 2,000 m2. of facilities.

The information technology department has a team of several computer engineers who support the installed virtualization system of their servers as part of the digital transformation project of their processes, which will achieve cost savings in the US in the medium and long term, acquiring new positions and enabling a gradual increase in administrative efficiency of all design and management systems, whereby the profile of each user is adapted to the respective requirements and specific assignments of the hardware are required for each user in relation to the currently performed task.

As part of this important investment project, the creation of a joint research space with Surcontrol, with the aim of developing and offering new technological solutions for the market, with which shipyards and system integrators can improve their manufacturing costs and shorten delivery times.

ABANCE has established itself as one of the leading companies for ship technology and defense systems in our country. It is present in the areas with a pronounced marine character of the Spanish industry such as the Bay of Cdiz, Cartagena, Ferrol and Vigo and, as part of its strategic plan, continues its international expansion slowly but without pause. It is represented at all international trade fairs and events in the marine and defense sector, with the medium and long-term goal and the illusion of attracting new European and American customers. (S. Saavedra)

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