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The US Department of Defense has released a photo of one of its destroyers, the USS Mustin (DDG-89), which is chasing the Chinese aircraft carrier “Liaoning”. The picture, which was released on April 11th, although it would have been taken in the East China Sea on April 4th, aims to send a clear message to Beijing, according to several analysts. While this follow-up is very common, it is not published by the United States, and even less in an area as sensitive to Washington as the Asia-Pacific region.

This month of April, two groups of aircraft carriers coincide in the waters of the Asian Pacific coast, the aforementioned from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy and those of the US Navy or the US Navy. headed by the same species, albeit with nuclear power, USS? Theodore Roosevelt? (CVN-71).

The photo at the end of this text shows the head of the DDG-89, Commander Robert J. Briggs, and his deputy, Commander Richard D. Slye, who observed from outside the bridge to “Liaoning” within a few thousand meters. The relaxation of both would show the lack of tension in the pursuit of their naval counterparts in the PLA.

Zhou Chenming, a researcher at think tank Yuan Wang, a Beijing-based military science and technology institute, says the photo shows the US warship maintaining a “very safe distance.” while following the “Liaoning” common in this type of naval operation known as the “shadow”. According to the Beijing-based Strategic Location Survey Initiative in the South China Sea, the U.S. Navy has increased the use of aircraft and warships in the East and South China Seas and the USS ?? Mustin ?? was sent to waters near the mouth of the Yangtze River on April 3, and has since followed the Liaoning group. through the East and South China Seas.

The above-mentioned group of aircraft carriers also includes the “Nanchang”, the first type 055 destroyers, the most advanced escorts of the PLA Navy, two other destroyers, a frigate and an auxiliary ship. The Japanese Ministry of Defense would also have sent its modern destroyer “Suzutsuki”. (DD-117) and two patrol planes monitoring the strike group between Okinawa and Miyako Island last Sunday.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Austin Lloyd had a phone call with his Filipino counterpart Delfín Lorenzana to reaffirm their alliance’s shared commitment after Chinese ships were concentrated near the controversial Whitsun between Manila and Beijing, according to the Pentagon. China has described the presence of its naval group near Pentecost as “normal and legitimate”. and it has said that its officials are in close communication with the Philippines. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The commander of the USS “Mustin” and his deputy observe the aircraft carrier “Liaoning”. (U.S. Navy photo)

The Chinese aircraft carrier “Liaoning”, photographed by the US destroyer USS “Mustin”. (U.S. Navy photo)

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