A Russian Mi-35 attack helicopter crashed in Syria

On February 28, a Mil Mi-35 attack helicopter belonging to the Russian armed forces landed near Tel Tamer, north of Hasakah province. As usual in these situations, the initial information was confusing, although from the first moment it was confirmed that the aircraft was not receiving enemy fire.

Russian news agencies reported a technical problem that required an emergency landing. The crew was then quickly evacuated to the Khmeinmim Air Force Base without any vital risk to any of the four members. In the absence of confirmation, the landing conditions, as well as the damage to the crew, suggest that they have suffered serious damage, resulting in the loss of the helicopter.

The main Russian air units stationed in Syria, such as Mil MI-8/17 transport helicopters and Mil Mi-35 attack helicopters, operate at the Khmeimim air base near the city of Latakia and have been supporting Syrian government forces since 2015. in their civil war.

The Mil Mi-35 (NATO code Hind-F) is the export version of the well-known Mi-24 attack helicopter. As we remember last year, the history of combat missions of the Mi-24/35 spans more than thirty global military conflicts in different regions of the world. They were the first Russian helicopters specifically designed for combat operations. The design has proven so successful that the modifications continue to work. The updated Mi-35P is on the list of products from Rostvertol, the holding company of Russian Helicopters. The company is working on the series construction of the Mi-35P in a renewed configuration for export goods. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Thousand MI-35s like those lost by Russia in Syria (Russian Defense Ministry)

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