A powerful North American nuclear submarine gathers personnel in Algeciras-Noticias Bay

The strategic Baha de Algeciras was the scene of a transfer of crew members of a nuclear powered attack submarine of the US Navy (United States Navy), whose name was not exceeded, but whose silhouette sailing would correspond to some veterans of the Seawolf-class.

The presence of the ship in front of the Gibraltar colony surprised the morning of last Saturday, April 28th, when the arrival of small boats from the port to the US Navy’s SSN (nuclear attack submarine) was photographed. Presumably they had arrived at the airport of the British colonial enclave aboard a small US Navy Fairchild C-26 Metro III transport aircraft and were coming from the airport facilities of the United States Naval Institution in Naples, Italy.

The transfer process of a small part of the US SSN crew was accompanied by the so-called RNGS (Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron), which deployed one of the two new patrol boats assigned to it last June, in particular the HMS (your / his majestic ship) Dasher (P-280),

The Seawolf-class submarines with 9,140 tons of submerged displacement and 107 meters in length were intended to replace the Los Angeles-class SSNs that were commissioned in 1989. Initially, the Pentagon ordered 29 units to be built. to deliver in a 10 year period, although the order was quickly reduced to 12 and eventually only 3, it was the 1990s and the end of the Cold War gave way to significant budget cuts in defense. Although the powerful US Navy immediately began to equip itself with the most modern of the Virginia class.

The US Navy also uses the Rota Naval Base (Cdiz), the main facility of the Spanish Navy, as a stopover in the Strait of Gibraltar, where it has key facilities in exchange for compensation set out in the agreements between Spain and Spain. United States. The last known SSN entries for the US Navy at the Cadiz base include the Virginia-class submarines, the USS John Warner (SSN785); and the USS Indiana (SSN 789), one of the most modern in service since its delivery to the US Navy on September 29, 2018, which docked at the so-called Naval Station (NAVSTA) on September 9. It rotates for refueling as part of one of its discrete operational deployments.

The importance of the Gibraltar and Rota naval bases is growing in response to the Russian navy in the Mediterranean and Islamic terrorism, which sometimes uses the sea routes of illegal immigration to infiltrate Europe. In addition, long standing conflicts like Libya are reactivated by the action of actors like Erdogan’s Turkey, which is also maintaining an open crisis with Greece / Cyprus and its allies (Egypt, France, Italy and even the Emirates) to control the areas of exploration / exploration of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean. (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: One of the Seawolf-class attack submarines, specifically the USS Connecticut (SSN 22), sails in the Pacific. (U.S. Navy photo)

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