A new version of the 8×8 armored boxer: future tank destroyer for the British army? -Noticia

The need to deal with the complex threat posed by the enemy’s armored and armored assets has led British strategists to define a need for their army. At the most recent conferences, the International Armored Vehicles (IAV), an interesting concept was shown that can meet this requirement and offers a new armored vehicle as a platform for mobility, which is now also being acquired.

The design presented by Lockheed Martin UK (LM UK) corresponds to the will to counter various threats with anti-tank capabilities. His bet is based on the modification of an 8×8 armored boxer, which stands out for its modularity by including a rear area that allows for various configurations based on concepts and structures that can be coupled and uncoupled at a certain speed to incorporate the various elements of the system.

One of them is a complex command, control, communication and combat management system that they define as BMC4I (Battle Management Command, control, communication, computers and intelligence). It ranges from radios to presentation and management screens to the representation of the threat situation in a digital context in order to be able to act precisely and conscientiously against all types of ground targets. This media would receive the information from armored surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles like General Dynamics Land Systems’ Ajax – incidentally, the chassis of the first batch made in Spain – they would process it and be able to face this opposing media that was more dangerous for one’s own mission; All of this in a context of multi-domain operations where other air, sea or land means mean labor.

In the rear module of the boxer there is a new vertical launch system (VLS) loaded with anti-tank missiles – a capacity of more than one and a half tons of weapons is estimated – and which allows the installation of both weapons, Hellfire and the Brimstone or others. They could be fired in a volley to hit large contingents of the opponent’s forces and their warhead would either guide them on their own or follow a label from a third source.

In addition to this VLS configuration, which is conveniently supported by its own monitoring and monitoring elements, which could be located on a lifting mast with a planned range of around twenty kilometers to achieve greater coverage, the launcher could be used for other tasks. Given the openness of the design architecture envisaged by LM UK, it would not be difficult to incorporate it with the ability to launch remote-controlled aerial vehicles (UAS, unmanned aerial systems) or fire developments that are currently as trendy as autonomous looting ammunition. the loitering. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The modified British 8×8 boxers can fight all types of armored and armored vehicles. (Lockheed Martin)

The concept it works with advocates the vertical launch of missiles or weapons of looting, which allows the carrier to remain hidden. (Lockheed Martin)

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