A new contingent of the Chilean Navy goes to the peacekeeping mission in Cyprus-Noticias

The Chilean Navy will continue its mission in Cyprus with a contingent of six Marines that make up the Argentine Task Force, a Chilean-Argentine peacekeeping mission under the wing of the United Nations (UN) called “UNFICYP”.

The UN Security Council originally founded UNFICYP in 1964 with the aim of preventing further confrontations between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities in the European country 48 kilometers south of Turkey, 96 kilometers west of Syria and 480 kilometers east of Greece and which is a strategic enclave in the eastern Mediterranean. The Argentine contingent covers a third of the buffer zone. and since 2003, based on mutual trust agreements between Chile and Argentina, the use of a combined joint force has been ordered.

Second Lieutenant IM Fernando Vergara Bernal is the commander of the naval contingent, which consists of two sergeants and three companies. All of them will start their work upon their arrival in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, on February 3rd this year and complete a six-month deployment.

Text: Chilean Navy.

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