A huge shipment of cocaine landed in Buenos Aires for two days without being intercepted en route to Europe

The long voyage of the freighter San Artemissio from Paraguay with 23 tons of cocaine, which was eventually confiscated in Germany and Belgium, hidden in putty containers of the Fox Colors brand, made in Paraguay, with bricks wrapped with silver tape and elements that indicate the rake could interfere with anti-drug dogs had a stopover in Buenos Aires on January 11th.

The cargo ship docked in Argentina for two days without the surveillance systems detecting the 23 tons of drugs on the market, valued at an estimated 600 million euros, of which 16 tons arrived in Germany and the rest in Belgium. It is evident that security systems in Latin America have declined in their capacity and quality to detect and interrupt shipments of drugs to Europe, as several large-volume shipments have recently been intercepted. (Luis Pieiro)

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