A Dutch media journalist sneaks into a secret meeting of EU defense ministers

RTL Nieuws has gained access to a secret consultation between the European defense ministers. This was possible because Minister Ank Bijleveld’s Twitter account briefly contained a photo with the login address and part of the PIN code.

In several attempts, RTL News managed to guess the PIN code of the secret query, as five of the six digits of the PIN code were visible in the photo.

“Do you know that you are attending a secret meeting of the Council for Foreign Affairs?” Asked the High Representative Josep Borrell when RTL news journalist Danil Verlaan switched on his camera and microphone.

The meeting was then interrupted because confidentiality could no longer be guaranteed. After you had registered with the correct PIN code, there was no additional security, RTL News was immediately admitted to the meeting and Verlaan identified himself as a journalist. “I’m a journalist from the Netherlands,” he answered Borrell’s question. “Sorry to interrupt your meeting. Leave the meeting now.” Then he left the meeting. Verlaan was only in the meeting for a few minutes.

“Such a violation is illegal and will be reported to the authorities,” said a spokesman on behalf of the Council on Foreign Affairs. According to her, no confidential matters were discussed at the meeting.

Other top-secret state affairs will not be discussed at this meeting. The reports on what is being discussed are going to 27 Member States and a large number of diplomats and officials. However, the meeting is confidential. For example, you can bet on a secret service from a country outside of Europe. Russia or China would like to hear such meetings. “

“An employee accidentally tweeted a photo with part of the PIN code,” a defense spokesman told RTL Nieuws. “Then the photo was deleted. A silly mistake. This shows how careful you should be when sending a picture from a meeting.”

Source: RTL Nieuws

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