A company from the United Arab Emirates receives operational support for the aircraft of the Ministry of Defense and Interior

The Air Force Logistics Support Command’s procurement department has formalized the award of a framework agreement for the operational support of the aircraft of the Department of Defense to the company Miracle Flight Support from the United Arab Emirates.

It is a contract for 35.9 million euros until December 2022, which is divided into three pensions (2.6, 17.9 and 15.2 million euros) and will reach 71 with an extension for a further two years. 8 million euros.

The contract covers the assistance and services necessary for the flight operations of the Defense Department’s aircraft fleets or operated by its personnel, although those of the Civil Guard are also included in the annexes, and their crews when traveling to or from national civil airports. and internationally if the defense at these airports does not have its own resources or staff.

The services include fuel supply, airport handling including catering in aircraft, flight preparation including planning and shipping, flight plan, weather information, runway support (of ladders, pushers, engines, wing de-icing, fuel rates, aircraft cleaning, towing). Also the search and reservation of accommodation at these airports and the service of the crews a contact person in each of them for the management of the assistance. The contractor must have an office in Madrid with a minimum of four people for direct negotiations with the Logistics Support Command with uninterrupted service.

The company Associated Energy Group AEG Fuels was also put up for tender, but has not resolved any administrative deficiencies in order to participate in the process. Miracle Flight Support already received this type of service before a tender, which, as in 2016, had an amount of 62 million euros for another three years. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Airbus A310 (T.22) and Falcon 900 (T.18) (Luftwaffe)

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