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In response to the serious and ongoing crisis of illegal immigration in the Canary Islands, the Ministry of the Interior has decided that one of the Air Service (SAER) aircraft of the Civil Guard will operate from the airport in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, in an attempt to assist in controlling the problem at the source.

As we can see on the spot, the CN235 that will be sent to Mauritana was already in use last October at Gando Airport (Gran Canaria), which has become the epicenter of this new crisis that is increasingly similar. In addition, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard of the Las Palmas Province, headquartered in Corralejo (Fuerteventura), has vital resources on the island to intervene, as we were also able to verify Wilson Dock, where the high-altitude patrol boat Ro Guadalaviar (A-10 ) of the Rodman 101 class.

After the reception capacity on the islands had been exceeded, a large part of the immigrants who had been crowded there for weeks were brought to the peninsula on October 5, according to the JUPOL police union, after the visit of Interior Minister Grande Marlaska to the archipelago. and a day later by the EU’s interior commissioner, the Swedish Ylva Johansson.

Together they reported on the new measures taken by Spain and the supranational organization, which two teams from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX) will provide. The idea is that the SAER CN235, which is designed as a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), uses its modern sensors at the source to detect the departure of the ships chartered by the mafias so that the Mauritanian authorities can stop them in their territorial waters.

Since the so-called Cayuco Crisis of 2006, the Civil Guard on the west coasts of the Sahel (Mauritania and Senegal) has maintained air and marine environments. SAER has had a department at the Mauritanian airport of Nualibou since this year, which is operated by one of its experienced Messerschmitt-Blkow-Blohm (now Airbus Helicopters) B-105.

Teams of civil guards and national police officers also work in the region to assist local authorities in combating immigration. In addition, liaison officers from the gendarmeras of Morocco and Mauritania are working in the Las Palmas de Gran Canarias Civil Guard Command, one of the Interior Ministry’s main command centers, to deal with this massive entry. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: One of the two CN235s of the Civil Guard Sea Service. (Photo Julio Maz / )

Patrol boat of the Rodman 101 class of the Maritime Service of Las Palmas Ro Guadalaviar (A-10) (Photo Julio Maz / )

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